Top Background Check Services

Did you know that employment history, criminal records, and education backgrounds can all be checked, verified, and scrutinized? But searching the available databases manually can take an infeasibly-long amount of time, and can be overwhelming. We Reviewed Best Background Check Sites for You! Compare Them and Get the Truth Today!

How Do I Start the Background Check Process?

Select one of the top background check services to handle the actual searches. Because courts do not share records, knowing where to search for them requires specialized expertise, resources, and dedicated time that only professional services can offer. Don’t take the risk of missing something important in someone’s history that will cause you a lot of pain and heartache later.

What Can I Learn from a Background Check?

Online background checks search court records for both felony and misdemeanor convictions. These searches are performed at several different levels of government, and include a search of a state’s Sex Offender registry. For a national background check, it is possible to check the databases of the individual federal district courts, as well as the FBI. Searches can turn up results from the last seven years. Note that in addition to convictions, it is also possible to screen someone for outstanding warrants. This is done by conducting a national wants and warrants search.

Aside from automating the criminal record search process, many online background check sites today offer additional search features that are extremely useful. These might include phone number lookups for calls you’ve received that you don’t recognize, or a check of all the different social media profiles that belong to someone. Some companies even have the capability to provide you with email addresses for those you wish to get in touch with.

Who Can I Conduct a Background Check On?

There are many different use cases for running a background check. Before moving into a new neighborhood, you should always check to see how many registered sex offenders live there, particularly if you have children. Online dating has become widely practiced today, but you should never take what someone says about themselves at face value.

And not all background checks are performed with the intention of protecting yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being curious to find out what old friends or romantic flames are up to today. A background check can help you learn more about what acquaintances have been doing since you last saw them, and it’s certainly a fun way to get excited for an upcoming class reunion.

What Is a Good Background Check Policy?

If you feel a sense of suspicion toward someone that has recently entered your life, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A background check can either confirm your suspicions and save you a great deal of grief down the road, or can contradict your suspicions and give you peace of mind.

Rather than putting your safety at risk, take a few minutes to look at one of the online background check services listed above. All you need to start is someone’s name and city or state of residence. It really is that simple.