The Best VoIP Systems 2017

Approximately a quarter of employees in America currently work remotely on some level or another, and that figure is only growing. With such an “on the go” workforce, a new demand for mobile-friendly work essentials has arisen. VoIP is one tool that is quickly meeting the needs of workers who need to take their business with them on the road, but is voice over IP the right move for your business? Find out.

No Matter Your Reason for Using a VoIP, We Have a Recommendation For You.

Businesses are Switching to VoIP – Should Yours?

Tens of thousands of organizations all over the world utilize the convenience of VoIP phone services for their business communications needs. Yet there are other companies who haven’t made the switch and don’t feel the need to.

  • Productivity: Communicate across departments, branches, and locations seamlessly, creating a unified communication system for increased productivity. Tools like conference calling, customer data linkage, and automatic call transfer from one location to the next also make efficiency skyrocket.
  • Mobility: Take business on the go with voice over IP phones’ mobile accessibility. Keep work uninterrupted when on vacation, catching a bus, or at home.
  • Cost Efficiency: VoIP systems have affordable plans that cover both domestic and international calls, making calling to anywhere feasible.

If your business appreciates more productivity, greater ease, and a budget-friendly alternative, then VoIP is a good option for you.

What is the Best VoIP Service for You?

With all the competition out there, finding the right VoIP service can be tough. The trick is to hone in on what your particular business needs are and find the service that caters to those needs.

  • Are you a small-medium business model?
  • Do you make frequent international calls?
  • Will you require multiple extensions?
  • What limitations does your current phone system pose for new integration?

Answering these questions is the first step towards finding the best VoIP service for you.

Selecting the Right Voice Over IP

Once you have the answers to the above questions, it’s time to apply that knowledge to the brands themselves. Knowing which vendors are legitimate and which aren’t can also be difficult. Online peer reviews are helpful because these are based on real user experiences. You can also rely on several of the industry leaders such as Vonage, RingCentral, and 8×8.

Open the door to unified communication that’s cheaper, better, and easier than ever before with the right VoIP service for you.