Top VPN Services - July 2017

The decision to take back control of your internet browsing by getting a VPN is an easy one. But with tons of options out there, it’s much more difficult to know which is the best choice. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry - any VPN that has the following five things will give you the privacy, security, and flexibility you need for anything you do on the web.

No Matter Your Reason for Using a VPN, We Have a Recommendation For You.

Data Encryption

 Keeping personal information hidden from prying eyes requires securely encrypting data. Choosing an option such as IPVanish that uses state of the art 256-bit AES encryption is critical. Using anything less secure leaves your computer vulnerable to hackers.

Easy Access to Blocked Websites

 The ability to choose from server locations all around the world will let you remove geolocation blocks from any streaming site on the web. Some options like ExpressVPN offer the flexibility to connect from nearly 100 different countries.

High Speed Connections

 An anonymous and secure connection should not come at the expense of high speed browsing. Ensure that the VPN you choose will not hurt your bandwidth. A good baseline rule of thumb is to make sure that at a minimum, HD streaming video is supported.

Public Wi-Fi Safeguards

 Although public Wi-Fi is completely unsecure, there are still times when you will find yourself in the airport or coffee shop needing to get on the internet. Many options such as SaferVPN automatically turn on when you try to connect to a public hotspot, ensuring you never forget to protect yourself.

Disconnection Protection

 No matter which service you go with, there is always the risk that the secure connection might be momentarily dropped. Unfortunately, all it takes is an instant for an insecure connection to reveal your location or grant access to private information.

To make sure this never happens to you, always go with a service like NordVPN that offers a “kill switch” option. Kill switches instantly close designated websites or software in the event of a disruption, ensuring you are never connected to them without the VPN.

The Best VPN: A Clear Standard

Whether it’s to browse anonymously, protect sensitive personal information, or access streaming content, it’s a no brainier to take control of your digital life. Whatever VPN you choose, make sure it offers you the versatility to always get on the internet via a high speed, secure connection from wherever you may be.