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Dashlane Review

article by Maria Perinic author August 21, 2019
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Dashlane’s patented, three-tiered security architecture combines military-grade encryption, a zero-knowledge system (Dashlane itself has no way of seeing its users’ data) and two-factor authentication to provide users with maximum password security.
  • Patented, multi-level security architecture
  • Automated fill-out for credit card fields online
  • Users retain sole possession of master password encryption key
  • Synching across multiple browsers, devices and sites
  • Free version available
  • No live chat or telephone support
  • Not compatible on Windows Phones or Blackberry devices
  • Limited functionality for the free version
Great, super-secure way to move all your passwords from your browser direct to the secure password vault…no hassles.
Maria Perinic, author
User Interface Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer
iOS & Android Apps Available
Available Numbers 3-Tier Security Architecture
Money Back Guarantee Digital Wallet Feature Available for Online Payments
Multiple Devices Premium Option Comes with Unlimited Number of Devices

Pricing Plans

Premium Try Now >>
$39.99 /year
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Advanced U2F 2-factor authentication
  • Works on desktop, mobile phones and tablets
  • Automated credit card fill-out
  • Deep security design
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Business Try Now >>
$2 per user /mo
  • All Premium features+
  • Admin console for simple user management
  • Employee password security dashboard
  • Simple provisioning for new users
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Setup Setup

Dashlane does things the right way from the start with a one-click installation making things easy for beginners. As soon as you download the software, the client takes over everything else importing all of your saved passwords straight away. This makes life a lot easier and isn’t something that many other popular password managers offer as you usually have to export your passwords via Excel.

You will see an area where you can store all your personal details which can be used in the future in order to use auto-fill. You will also have access to a payment wallet where you can enter any credit card or PayPal information. Additionally, you will have another section that allows you to enter your ID or passport information as well as secure notes which can include details about your finances or wifi passwords and social security numbers.

To all newbies, you will have explanations of all of the Dashlane features, but if you’re already on top of things you can just skip through those explanations. Dashlane is available to download on all major platforms, with Widows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android all being synchronized.

The interface is designed in a way that is both friendly to those that are using Dashlane for the first time as well as those returning to the service. When creating a new account you will be prompted to save your details and those that already have existing accounts will also be prompted when you change your password.

When you install Dashlane to your browser extension you will have a popup within your bookmarks bar which contains your imported passwords. All you need to do is click import and just like that, your browser extension will allow you to manage all your passwords in one place.

One of the best aspects we found with Dashlane is that it will analyze the current password you have set for a particular site. If it finds this password isn’t strong enough it will suggest a more secure password directly from the extension.

Installing Dashlane on your smartphone is just as easy with the interface consistent across all its platforms. When using the Android and iOS version there will be a sidebar where you can find all your tools without having to dig.

As you navigate, Dashlane will remember and you’re your passwords for you and will then be able to sync them across all your devices when you sign up with the Premium plan. This is because the free plan comes with only one device covered.

When using the Dashlane mobile app all you will have to do is remember the Dashlane master password. It should be noted that you will not be able to take a screenshot on the mobile app because of the terms of Dashlane’s privacy policy.


We have so many accounts left, right and center that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but sometimes even password security systems have vulnerabilities that result in leaks of personal and sensitive information. So how does Dashlane fare in this aspect?

Dashlane has two-factor authentication as well as AES-256 encryption, state of the art, military-grade encryption that offers the highest possible security levels at the moment.

When you log in to Dashlane by clicking on the browser extension or visiting the app you will be asked to log in with your email as well as a code that is sent to your email within 30 seconds or less. When you enter the code that has been sent to you will need to enter your master password, which basically sums up Dashlane’s two-factor authentication.

As premium users will have options to have numerous devices covered, when you add a device you will instantly be sent an email notifying you of this. There is also a VPN available for extra online protection which will keep your online movements and personal data completely anonymous.

For beginners worried about how secure password managers really are, Dashlane covers that topic and other similar issues on the Dashlane blog. Your questions regarding the encryption, what an encryption key is and military-grade encryption are all covered.

Once again it is outlined in their blog that your information is nowhere to be found saying,

“There is no record of the 256-bit key or your Master password anywhere in the universe – not on your device, never on our servers and never transmitted on the web. If your data is intercepted, the encryption means that no-one will be able to decipher it.”

When it comes to security, there are no complaints as Dashlane has all the major factors covered.


When it comes to privacy, Dashlane has zero-knowledge in terms of your information which means it isn’t stored anywhere, not locally on your device or on their server. You will have to remember your master password, but if you forget it you will need to follow and answer all the questions asked of you to be able to change your password. If you can’t answer all those questions you will not be able to access your account and the information on it will be lost forever.

This is clearly explained within the Dashlane Privacy Policy,

“To create an Account, you must create a “Master Password,” which is the basis for the encryption key used to secure the information you store on the Apps. Each user (including those associated with a Dashlane Business account) must create his or her own Master Password. Dashlane’s patented “Zero-Knowledge Architecture” ensures that we do not know our users’ Master Passwords. In addition, Apps do not store Master Passwords locally unless specifically directed by the user (by choosing “Remember Password” or the equivalent, which we offer as a convenience feature to our users). Note that even if you select this option, you will have to re-enter the Master Password every fourteen days).”

Dashlane also goes into detail about your personal data and what it is used for:

  • “Establish, maintain, and secure your Account.
  • Identify you as a user and provide the Services you request.
  • Perform fraud detection and authentication.
  • Improve the Services and your interactions with them.
  • Send you administrative notifications, such as security or support and maintenance advisories. You will receive these notices even if you opt-out of receiving marketing communications as set forth below.
  • Provide you with the correct interfaces and options required by the jurisdiction from which you are accessing the Services.
  • Respond to customer support inquiries and other requests.
  • Promote the Services or send you other Dashlane marketing information. EU users must actively choose to receive marketing communications. Users elsewhere (and those in the EU who have previously opted-in) may always elect to stop receiving such communications.”

Ease of Use Features

There are so many features on offer with Dashlane, so let’s list them simply and then talk about a few of them:

  • Automatic password generator
  • Biometric security
  • Integration and compatibility for six browsers
  • 5-minute timer for password auto-lock
  • Secure Notes
  • Payment Tracking
  • Secure mobile browser
  • Password Changer
  • Digital Passport and ID
  • Adjustable auto-logout timer
  • Password health indicators
  • Dark web scanning for leaked and stolen data

You can also enable cloud synchronization across all the major desktop and mobile platforms which will allow you to autofill your information with just one master password across all possible devices and there is unlimited password storage.

There is the possibility to change multiple passwords at once with the auto-changing feature. This feature will also show you just how strong your passwords are using both colors as well as percentages. To change a number of passwords at one time just click on the checkboxes in question and change to your new password.

This tool is restricted to about 550 domains which means that you may have to manually go through some of the accounts.

Dark Web Scanning can be found through the Identity dashboard, which will let you check out whether there are any data leaks which include emails, credit cards, phone numbers, passwords, addresses or logins. It will let you know what has been compromised and what is safe.

As it states on the Dashlane blog,

“In the last few weeks, an unknown hacker has put 841 million user records up for sale on the dark web. The user records aren’t from a single source—they comprise data from 30 different companies and include a wide range of personal information. So far, no financial data has been reported stolen.”

It also goes on to say that if you have an account with any of the following companies you need to update your password. This includes Amor Games, Animoto, Artsy, CoffeMeetsBagel, ClassPass, Dubsmash, Ixigo, MyHeritage, StreetEasy and Whitepages.

Cases like this are becoming more common worldwide so it just proves that Dashlane is a brilliant addition when it comes to securing your information.

We cannot go past the VPN feature offered by Dashlane which unlike other password services has no limitations in terms of connected devices as well as bandwidth limitations. This VPN service will reroute your internet traffic to another location making it undiscoverable to your ISP, the authorities and any hackers lurking in the background.

You will be able to connect to as many as 26 countries with one click which should minimally affect internet speeds and performance. Whilst it is something you cannot go without in today’s world, the Dashlane VPN service will not be able to get past Netflix restrictions.

Pricing Pricing

There are a number of options that you can choose from in terms of pricing, with the first option costing nothing at all. With this plan, you can manage as many as 50 passwords as well as autofill all your personal information on one device for an unlimited amount of time. You will also have security alerts letting you have a seamless browsing and checkout experience.

With that said, you should know that there are qualities that make Dashlane a great password manager in the free version. The premium version, on the other hand, costs just $3.33 per month and for that price, you will have an unlimited amount of password storage as well as automatically synced data and password changes across devices.

All of the other great additions mentioned in the features section such as the Dark Web Monitoring as well as instant form and payment autofill are included as is the VPN.

The Dashlane Business plan will afford you all the benefits of the Premium plan excluding the VPN. You will also have features such as Smart Spaces which separate work and personal data as well as Admin Console for user management. There is secure password sharing for groups as well as added security with 2FA integration and Customer Success Manager for over 50 users. This plan costs $4 per month that is billed annually.

Dashlane also comes with a thirty-month money-back guarantee for both Premium and Business plans.

Support Support

Customer service is pretty impressive with Dashlane, which of course is even better for Premium users. There is email support that is available in three different languages including English, German and French. The English email assistance is available seven days a week whilst those looking for help in German or French will be able to get a reply Monday through to Friday between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm EST.

Although there is no phone support, you can jump on Twitter and use the social media platform to get help as well. Whilst there is little difference between the Free and Premium users in terms of customer service, your support form will be more in-depth if you are a Premium user.

There is also a great FAQ section on the Dashlane website as well as their fantastic blog that is updated on a regular basis which allows you to find out all the latest security news happening in the world.

Bottom Line

Although a large number of websites have started implementing various requirements when it comes to setting passwords such as adding numbers, symbols as well as using case sensitivity there is always the case of human error which can see your password predictable and easy to crack. More often than not individuals use the same password across various platforms including email, social media and other sensitive accounts like online banking. This can make you the perfect target for hackers looking to get ahold of your personal information and as soon as one account is compromised, the others are also soon put at risk as well.

Dashlane will help protect these accounts, but will also enhance your password strength. Using a master password, all your other passwords will be stored in an encrypted database with weaker passwords analyzed with percentages to let you know exactly how vulnerable your accounts may be.

Dashlane offers a freemium service that provides up to 50 passwords on a single device as well as security alerts. Premium users get unlimited storage for passwords as well as some great features which include Dark Web Monitoring as well as a VPN service.

When you sign up, there is the option to try out the Dashlane Premium plan for thirty days free of charge. This software is easy to use for beginners and advanced users alike and offers solid password protection for all.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Dashlane is a security-obsessed company, and its patented system is one of the most impressive in the industry. The system has some limitations, but most users will not be affected by them.

The premium version is worth paying the few dollars per month, as it offers enhanced functionality and a wide range of password protection, password management, and password customization features. Overall, a great password manager.