Really Stupid Passwords People Are Still Using… See If You’re Using One of Them

article by Arya A. author
Hackers are always watching, and it’s important to protect your files and folders with strong passwords!

The Worst Passwords You Should Never Use

Predictable passwords should always be avoided – there is nothing secure about them. For example, a numeric sequence that is 123456 is simply idiotic as a password. Other common passwords include 00000, or simply the word password. Everyone knows the QWERTY keyboard, but this is certainly not a good password to use for your online banking account. And if you’re a sports fan, tennis, football, soccer, golf or cricket will certainly not suffice. These passwords are way too easy to remember, and do not even qualify as passwords. If the password you have selected for your online banking, email, or social media accounts falls into the category of ‘Really Stupid Passwords People are Still Using’, it’s important to stop using that password immediately.

How to Go About Creating Secure Passwords?

It is difficult to create usernames and passwords at the best of times; nobody wants to try and remember a password that contains 12 to 24 alphanumeric digits. Fortunately, the best password manager programs like 1Password and Roboform make it unnecessary for you to remember these passwords since they do it all for you. It is never a good idea to use the word starwars or familyguy as effective passwords, since they are completely ineffective. Hackers can easily turn on a user’s camera remotely, and monitor all forms of browsing activity. When these cameras become spy cameras, weak passwords are keys to a vault of treasures. Of all the passwords out there, the actual word password is the most commonly used one. Other commonly used passwords include login, princess, monkey, master, dragon, welcome, 1111111, solo, and even passw0rd. An effective password manager does all the legwork for you.

In January every year, a list of the 25 most commonly stolen passwords is generated by SplashData. These commonly used passwords are inane to say the least. They are released from data posted by hackers. Taking pole position is 123456 and close in tow is the word password. Remember that hackers are miserable individuals whose only objective is to make your life as difficult as possible. They want access to your accounts so that they don’t have to work. Knowing this, it’s important not to blindly hand the keys over to your accounts. We all need to be more diligent about the way we choose passwords, and the way we protect our information. It may come as a surprise to many, but silly passwords such as the word password are simply inane. There is nothing secure about these types of passwords. When hackers are looking for an easy entry point into your accounts, they are going to instantly try the 25 most commonly used passwords on the market. If the password protection you have chosen happens to fall into that list, it’s tickets.

What Trends Can We Pick up from the Most Stupid Passwords Used Every Year?

If you can look beyond the stupid, ridiculous and bewilderingly simplistic nature of the passwords we have just listed, there are some interesting trends that emerge. For starters, the most popular passwords are the ones related to sport. It comes as no surprise given that football is one of the highest-ranking common passwords used. Another one is baseball. Believe it or not, Hollywood has left an indelible impression on the stupid passwords list with none other than starwars featuring prominently. Another password that has gained in prominence recently as the word princess.

Some of the more common entries to the password arena include welcome and login, and the rather crafty edition of password – passw0rd. Not only are these passwords ridiculously simple, they are outright stupid. What’s interesting about them is that many of them feature on the most commonly hacked passwords for previous years as well. It comes as no surprise that people continue to use these passwords because they want something that is easy to remember. Unfortunately, something that is easy to remember is also easy to hack and offers zero security for online banking, email, social media account and e-commerce transactions.