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Keeper Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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Keeper is an ideal digital vault for individuals and businesses. Keeper prides itself on its techie look and feel, with a self-styled fanatical approach to protecting information. Thanks to a Cloud Security Vault™, Keeper makes it easy to manage, store and share a wealth of digital assets.
  • Zero-knowledge security
  • Easy storage and sharing of files
  • Secure digital vault for personal and business usage
  • A secure cloud vault with multi-factor authentication
  • Self-Destruct option deletes all data on device after five unsuccessful logins
  • Multiple features are not user-friendly
  • Multi-click functionality can be annoying
  • Keeper is one of the pricier password manager programs
Keeper makes it easy to share passwords with email notifications
Sandra Trentino, author
Features and Specifications KeeperFill™ Logs into Sites and Apps with One Click
User Interface Browser Extensions for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari
Security Cloud Security Vault™ Also Protects Photos, Videos & Files
Integrations Simple Two Step Verification Process via Keeper DNA®
Android App Available for Android & iOS
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$29.99 /year
  • 1 user
  • Free Trial Available
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Unlimited secure record sharing
  • Fingerprint login
  • Unlimited devices + sync
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Family Try Now >>
$59.99 /year
  • 5 user
  • 10GB Secure File Storage
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Unlimited secure record sharing
  • Fingerprint login
  • Unlimited devices + sync
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Business Try Now >>
$30 /year
  • Per user
  • Admin console
  • Unlimited devices
  • Automated provisioning
  • Shared team folders
  • Delegated administration
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How Does It Work?

Once the password manager has been installed on your system, a master password is required to access all the data that will be stored in the vault. Only the user has access to the master password – Keeper cannot decrypt information, or reset the account to access a lost password. Fortunately, there are useful supplementary safety mechanisms such as security questions for the mobile app version. In the unlikely event that a security breach occurs, the hacker would not be able to know intimate personal details to access the encrypted passwords in the Keeper vault.

Setup Setup

To get started with Keeper password manager software, simply download the program direct from the website. It doesn’t matter what device is being used, there are links to the correct download sites for iOS devices at the App Store, Google devices at the Google Play store, and PC at the Microsoft Store. It can also be downloaded from iTunes, or from a web browser for desktop downloads. It is also possible to establish a digital/touch ID login with iOS touch ID and Keeper software. The DNA tab is available in the Keeper vault, and this adds an additional layer of security for the touch ID function. It only operates with iPhone 5S + versions.

For Android devices, Android Fingerprint is available from the Keeper vault, and users simply need to scroll down to Fingerprint Authentication and switch it on. Users can also set up two-factor authentication on iPad/iPod/iPhone devices from the DNA screen, by simply clicking on one-time passcodes and turning it on. For Android devices, two-factor authentication can simply be turned on.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

There are many features of Keeper software that make it one of the better password managers on the market. For example, it is a cost-effective solution to password management, being significantly cheaper than competing password managers. It offers users unlimited syncing of information across multiple devices. However, there may be additional fees required for the unlimited syncing feature. The security features are best in class. The self-destruct option after five unsuccessful logins is particularly useful when the master password is incorrectly entered on the device. This deletes data on a single device, but not from the cloud vault.

There are local storage options for individual devices (removable devices, hard drives etc.) as well as cloud storage options. The range of tools is impressive. For example, users get to enjoy password generators and passwords will be evaluated according to the strength and security that they offer users. This software is ideal for individuals and small businesses with multiple passwords to manage. Other features include Keeper Backup for free cloud storage of passwords, syncing across devices and Internet access from any online connected device. However, this feature is a pay to use feature, while other competitors like LastPass offer this service for free.

Privacy Privacy

Privacy and security are the most important concerns for the developers of Keeper software. For starters, there is a Keeper DNA Profile for each individual user. All that’s needed is a master password to encrypt all data in the vault. Users typically do not know the majority of the passwords stored in the Keeper vault, since the password generator randomly creates them and stores them in the vault. The software utilizes 256-bit AES.

Multiple Devices Platforms Available

Keeper is fully compatible with multiple operating systems. Typically, password managers are not compatible with Windows Phone and Blackberry Devices, but Keeper is. It is fully compatible with Mac operating systems and Windows operating systems – the standard. It also functions on Windows RT and Linux. As for browsers, Keeper runs on Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. For the most part, competing password manager programs are only supported on iPhone and iPad devices as well as Android devices.

Antivirus Setup Limitations

There are certain limitations with this software, such as Keeper Backup which costs money. This is a service that allows users to share passwords with someone else where there is a joint account. It sends an email notification. Another limitation is the saving and storage of login information and completion of password fields. Typically, auto logins are one-click functions. With Keeper, the user will have to go through a bit of a rigmarole to save the passwords. Another limitation is the lack of cloud storage for passwords. With Keeper, this has to be paid for while other competitors like LastPass offer it for free.

Pricing Pricing

Keeper is relatively expensive compared to other password managers like 1Password and RoboForm. For an individual membership one user – the cost is $29.99 per year. For a family membership of five users the cost is $59.99 per year and for a business membership per user, the cost is $30 per year. Each of these membership packages offers a unique set of features and functions, with many more functions available to business users.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Keeper is a world-class password manager with a wide range of functions. Users will enjoy the self-destruct feature which automatically deletes all passwords in the vault on a specific device if it has been stolen or is being accessed by a third-party. The password management, protection and generation tools are best in class, and many more devices are supported with the software. Additionally, 24/7 customer support is on the money, and live chat functionality is available too.