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LastPass Review

article by May 08, 2017
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LastPass is one of the most comprehensive password managers. Stay instantly up-to-date on all aspects of password management. LastPass is the easy way to remember passwords for Facebook, Amazon, Gmail, online banking, and more. It’s regarded as the best password manager program on the market.
  • Remembers passwords for all user accounts
  • Effectively manages passwords for businesses
  • Unlimited password storage with 256-bit encryption
  • No more need for sticky notes, diaries, and pieces of paper
  • Easy organization of passwords for business and personal use
  • Limited customer support options
  • LastPass recently suffered a major hack
  • Free software does not support some options
This is the last password you will have to remember for all your online username/password combinations
Mobile Protection Available for Android, iOS & Windows Phone
User Interface Browser Extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari & More
Multiple Devices Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux
Additional PC Protection Strong AES-256 Bit Encryption
Integrations Two Factor Authentication
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$1 /mo
  • Access on all devices
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Shared family folder - up to 5 users
  • Desktop fingerprint identification
  • 1GB of encrypted file storage
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Teams Try Now >>
$2.42/user /mo
  • A vault for every user
  • Unlimited shared folders
  • Admin dashboard
  • Basic reporting
  • Priority tech support
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$4/user /mo
  • Enterprise includes everything in Teams
  • Additional 2FA options
  • Advanced reporting
  • Cloud app provisioning
  • Dedicated customer support
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How Does It Work?

LastPass is one of the most user-friendly password manager programs in the world. Not only does LastPass remember passwords, it also fills out online forms and it generates secure passwords instantly. To get started with this software, the user must download and install. After an account has been established, you simply login and begin using the account to generate passwords, fill in forms, store secure notes, update passwords etc. LastPass utilizes multifactor authentication measures to generate the most secure passwords. This ensures that even if the master password has been stolen, you still have a degree of control over who can access the data. When the browser extension has been added, the button will be evident in the browser toolbar. Once a secure master password has been created, the plug-in does the rest.

Setup Setup

To get started, simply click the Get LastPass Free button. There is a premium version of the software available, and it offers additional functionality across a wider range of devices. The plug-in is available for Microsoft Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Linux, Mac operating systems and Windows operating systems. Getting set up is really easy since the plug-in knows what browser you are using. To add it to your browser, simply click allow and then install the software. The plug-in installs within a minute and once an account has been set up, it can be used.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

There are many unique features available with LastPass. For starters, the software is capable of creating the best passwords which in turn allows for better security. Once the software has been downloaded and installed, all passwords will be stored in a secure vault. Additional data such as notes can also be safely stored in the vault. Fortunately, the secure vault is easy to search, and is organized efficiently. While browsing through the net, you can automatically save passwords and the plug-in completes the login information the next time you sign in to that online account. The plug-in can handle multiple logins, allowing you to enjoy unlimited website logins, and to easily switch between sites with LastPass software.

Privacy Privacy

Safety and security are major concerns with password protection managers like LastPass. Despite the recent hack – a breach in security protocol – LastPass is still regarded as the safest option out there. All data is securely encrypted using AES 256 encryption protocol. Further, only the user has access to the key for decrypting the data. LastPass does not store this key anywhere on its servers, so there are no privacy concerns to worry about. If hackers are able to breach LastPass security, the encrypted data will be meaningless to them.

Multiple Devices Platforms Available

LastPass is fully supported on the following browsers: Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It is also fully compatible across multiple mobile applications including USB Thumb Drives, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices.

Antivirus Setup Limitations

LastPass functions well with the majority of logins. However, the company admits that it does not work with every single application or program on the market. However, the LastPass software should be tried with individual apps and trained accordingly. If the LastPass app does not work with the specific applications, LastPass recommends that users attempt the plug-in after an update has been released. However, LastPass for apps do not work with integrated web browsers, or for reading PDFs. The company advises users to stick to their default browsers for those types of tasks.

Pricing Pricing

LastPass is available to users in a free format and a premium format. To purchase the premium format, users will be required to enter their email address after they have applied for a free account. The premium edition of the software cost $1 per month.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Barring a few security scares with LastPass, this is a top-tier password manager. In fact, industry experts routinely site this password protection software as the gold standard. It is useful in its free-to-download version for mobile, as well as PC and Mac options. The premium version is affordable at just $1 and it is a highly effective way to safeguard username/password combinations and automatically complete forms.