Zoner Photo Studio Review

article by Lei X. author April 05, 2017
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This program offers automated tools, making it easy to quickly transform images or simply apply touchups. It has been dubbed a Photo Butler, for its many functions that it performs automatically, and is one of the best photo editing software programs on the market for new photo editors.
  • 1-click enhancements
  • Emphasis on automation
  • Easy organization of photos thanks to quick search
  • Rapid edits and color adjustments with batch processing
  • Zonerama online gallery
  • Relatively limited number of advanced features
  • Not ideal for professional photographers
  • No user forum for questions or sharing suggestions
I’m relatively new to photo editing, and I found this program very easy to use.
Lei X., author
Quick Edits
Ease of Use Breathtaking Enhancements
Syncronization Always up to Date
Free Storage Limit Get Your Photos Organized
Key Factors Show off Your Photos Easily

Setup and Interface PC Compatibility Requirements

Zoner Photo Studio is suited to Windows operating system 7 or higher. An Intel or AMD processor with SSE2 support is required with at least 2 GB of RAM. The hard drive minimum requirement is 350 MB of free disk space. The minimum required resolution is 1280×800+.

Setup Setup

Download Zoner Photo Studio and you will have access to one of the best photo editor software programs for new photographers. The installer directs users through a simple installation process, and no lengthy license codes are needed to activate. Users upgrading from a trial version of the software do not need to reinstall, but can simply purchase the program and it will automatically activate. The user’s Zoner account makes it easy to get started, and any setup issues can be directed at for further clarification.

There are multiple editions and frequent product updates of Zoner Photo Studio (currently 18+), so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest upgrades of the software.

User Interface User Interface

The user interface has recently undergone several changes, to allow for more space to view pictures. Various sections are available including Manager for editing pictures, an editing process in the Develop window, and an Editor for fine-tuning editing. The interface is somewhat bland aesthetically, but is functional for performing basic and more mid-advanced editing, organizing, and sharing. And there are also useful third-party tools and resources that can be integrated into the software, including Adobe DNG RAW processor. A full PDF instruction manual accompanies the software to make navigation as easy as possible.

Editing Tools

As is standard with any photo editing system, it is possible to create shapes, crop images, resize images, adjust colors, backgrounds and borders, etc. There are also more advanced capabilities such as fixing blemishes, lens distortion, removing objects from the background or foreground, etc. It is possible to edit HDR images and edit together panoramic photographs. There aren’t any special pre-installed fonts, but the fonts that are installed in Windows are available.

The develop mode function allows easy editing of all photograph formats. It also retains the photograph in its untouched format, allowing users to undo changes at any time.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

The organizing system with the software is best in class. It is easy to provide keywords for photographs, to rate photographs, to add color labels and tags. This makes it exceptionally efficient when you are working with large volumes of pictures. Search functionality is also available using EXIF info and GPS location. Users can browse by keyword, folder or date, and the software has an AI system that offers suggestions while you’re typing.

Import and Export Options

With Zoner Photo Studio, you can save time with batch processing of digital photographs, and it’s easy to copy photographs directtly from your camera to your PC. Batch processing allows rapid editing and organizing of thousands of photographs instantly. These include batch assignment of descriptions, batch renaming, keyword assignment, and sorting by date, keyword or place.

There are at least 50 unique file formats that are supported with Zoner Photo Studio. These include PSD, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF among others. Importing photographs from the hard drive or an external hard disk/camera is easily done via a USB cable.

Pricing Pricing

Zoner Photo Studio X is available for new customers at a price of $95.88 (valid for 1 year). It is possible to extend ZPS X by purchasing a family license (for people who previously purchased a license) at a cost of $53.88.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

We found Zoner Photo Studio X to be a serviceable photo editing system. The price is a little more than many of the best photo editing app programs out there, but it certainly has a wide range of automated capabilities. It is not an intimidating program to use and the user guides and troubleshooting options are beneficial. This makes it ideally suited to those taking their first steps in the world of photo editing.