Create Brilliant Images Using These 6 Photo Editing Tips

Credit: Shutterstock
article by Arya A. author
Novice and professional photographers alike can use photo editing software to dramatically enhance the quality of their images. Here are 7 easy photo editing tips that help create brilliant pictures:

Make the Sky Pop

There are many ways to enhance the quality of the sky in a photograph. By playing around with saturation, vibrancy, clarity, and curves, dramatic changes can be made. Start by simply using the blue color slider option to darken or lighten the sky. Graduated filters are also a great way to create that ‘wow effect’ in a panoramic image.

Add Some Style to Photos

Artistic touches can easily be added to photos after they have been uploaded to your preferred photo editing program such as Corel Paint. By playing with the opacity percentage, an ordinary shot can become a haunting, ethereal image. This effect can also be achieved by adjusting curves layers, toggling the red, blue and green color lines, and then blending it with soft lighting.

Using Adjustment Layers to Enhance Photographs

The best photo editing apps and software come replete with a wide range of brush tools, layering options, and adjustment layers. It is possible to take duplicates of background layers, and work on one of the images vis-à-vis shadows and the other on the highlights. Then the two images can be blended together by using masks. Be advised that when images are blended together, the size of the file will increase dramatically. Fixes should always be performed using adjustment layers and masks as opposed to duplicating them. Use the shadow and highlights function wherever possible and a curves adjustment layer to enhance the image.

Camera Calibrations and Lens Profile

The camera calibration panel provides information on color and contrast. Lens profile corrections are also possible, particularly if wide-angle lenses are used. Consider that automatic lens adjustments often force certain aspects of the digital image out of the frame. That’s why it’s important to check the lens profile before crops are made.

Use RAW Filters for Editing Photographs

RAW filters in photo editing software allow RAW-shot photos to be converted for editing. Images can then be color corrected and adjusted for tone and contrast.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Photo editing can be a time-consuming process. This is especially true for greenhorns who are just learning about it. Fortunately, the best photo editing software speeds up the process with a series of shortcut keys. Various command and control functions are available with these programs to save the photo editor tremendous time on mundane tasks. ACDSee Pro, for example, allows for instant zooming into a photo by clicking and holding the H button. The space bar can also be toggled to switch to the hand tool.

The best photo editors out there make it easy to upgrade photos for maximum wow effect. Take these tips to heart and you’ll notice a major difference in the quality of your shots.