What Photo Editing Software Should I Use for Instagram?

article by Arya A. author
Instagram is the World’s Most Powerful Photo Sharing Platform. As far as social networking goes, Instagram is quickly becoming the go-to solution for image-driven users. It sports an impressive 500 million monthly active users and that number is growing all the time. What photo editing software should be used to elevate the quality of Instagram shots?

DxO Optics Pro

Instagram edit settings are rather limited, so it’s important to choose the best photo editing app to complement that limited functionality. DxO Optics Pro offers tools like color correction, auto enhancement, vintage filters, texturing, tilt shift options, and straightening. DxO’s signature Smart Lighting feature automatically corrects poor lighting conditions. And as far as noise reduction is concerned, DxO is unparalleled.

CyberLink Photo Director

CyberLink PhotoDirector offers content-aware removal, in case unwanted elements end up in and otherwise perfect frame, and it’s difficult to crop them out. The program also offers video-to-photo capture, so that compelling video content can be transformed into a still photo. Instagrammers will also enjoy the face beautification and body beautification ability of CyberLink software, which offers retouching and radiant skin features. Plus, CyberLink has a multitude of photographic presets for 1-click image adjustments. This program ranks among the best photo editing software on the market, and with good reason.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

There is a treasure trove of automated features available with the best photo editor from Adobe, including motion blurring, red eye removal, and collage effects. Guided edits are also provided for new photographers who are unsure what steps they should take to improve their shots. Batch edits can be made on a photo series to save time.

Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio is ideal for Windows users, and it’s great for Instagrammers. You can make quick, 1-click edits to a single photograph or a batch of photographs. Landscapes can be remodeled, multiple images can be combined into one, and objects can easily be inserted from one photo into the next. Known for its strong image organizing emphasis, Zonerama’s online gallery makes it easy to quickly share all your photos on Instagram.

Automation Is Key

Instagram users share 95 million photographs and videos per day, and 40 billion photographs have been shared total since the platform’s inception. Recently, Facebook acquired Instagram, boosting its social networking appeal to a much broader group of users. This highlights how important the Instagram social networking platform is for sharing images, and naturally it’s the best photographs that gain the most traction with users. But don’t settle for the few photo editing features available to you within the Instagram app itself. Frequent Instagrammers should look to photo editing software that offers a range of automated quick-fixes, which can dramatically transform an image without wasting a great deal of time.