The Best Personalized Gifts for Grandparents

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
There are many things that you can do to thank your grandparents for their decades of love and caring. Visiting them regularly and arranging fun activities are ways to show appreciation, but gifts for them can be difficult, especially if they have accumulated a lot of things through the years.
What can a grandparent want that they don’t already have? Photos of their ever-changing and growing grandchildren are the answer.
Grandparents often say things like, “Where has the time gone?” and “They have grown so much!” But thanks to today’s photo printing software, none of those moments have to feel out of reach. Printing photos of every stage of a child’s life for their grandparents is the best way to keep them connected and let them know that they are a part of their grandchildren’s lives. Especially in cases where there is distance or other circumstance that separates grandparents from being involved regularly, keeping them informed through photos is the best way to change that.

Show Them the Wonders of Modern Technology

Uploading your most recent family photos – as candid and fun as they may be – and compiling them into photo books for the grandparents in your life, will show them how modern photo printing services can create and preserve lasting memories. Create a calendar with the latest family group photo, or put the best shot of their grandchild on a coffee mug or a refrigerator magnet for something different and unique.

Personalization Lets Them Know You Care

Whether ordering photo books or canvas prints for beloved family members, the ultimate finishing touch is to personalize it. The hundreds of templates on sites like Shutterfly allow you to design the perfect gift as well as customize it with a personal message to the recipient. When grandparents look at that photo book on their table or the framed print on their wall, the personalized message of love lets them know how much you care and think of them. Prints can even be used to create jewelry, blankets, puzzles, and vases on Shutterfly, all available with the option of personalization.

Thank Grandparents for All the Years of Love

Imagine the look on the face of a grandparent when they open a gift that showcases the faces of their beautiful grandchildren. Imagine the pride they will feel when showing that photo book or wall art from AdoramaPix to their friends, emblazoned with a personal message of love.

Use the wonders of today’s photo printing technology to surprise the grandparents in your life with a unique and special gift, something that they can cherish and then pass down to future generations. Any print of their family members will be special, but a customized gift created with love will be even more wonderful. Show them how much you care.