Create the Perfect Mother’s Day Photobook

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
Candy gets eaten, flowers die, cards get lost. But a photobook is a great DIY gift to make for Mom that will never get old. Online photo printing services make the process of designing this keepsake quick and easy for anyone to do.
Whether it’s a last-minute idea or a piece of a larger gift, doesn’t your mom deserve the best photobook you’re capable of making? All you need to get started is a laptop with access to pictures and an account on a site like CVS, Walgreens or Shutterfly. We have some tips to help you get the most out of photo printing websites and create a truly unique keepsake.

Organize Your Photos

Organization is key. Gather together all of the pictures you might use in one folder. Name and number them so the subject is clear and you can find them easily. Don’t worry about choosing specific pictures to print at this point. Take your time and get all of the possible choices clearly labeled and in one place. This will benefit the quality of the book in the end.

Choose a Theme

When your pictures are in one place, it is easier to discover a natural theme. The theme can be simple – for instance, you can choose to highlight the most important family events of the year. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Remember, mom doesn’t have to be in every picture or at every event included in the book. If she lives far away, memories from events she couldn’t attend may be the ones she’ll cherish the most.

Don’t be scared to pick a more unexpected theme. If your mother is a photographer herself, gather together her best work in a portfolio she can show off to guests. If she loves birds, find a way to weave pictures of them throughout the book.

640x425_Create the Perfect Mother’s Day Photobook

Tell a Story Through Order

Don’t just randomly place pictures on a page. Rather, let the order serve the story you’re trying to tell. If your pictures are from one event, consider organizing them chronologically from beginning to end. Pictures can also tell stories through color or subject. But don’t just group pictures of oceans together because it’s fast. Make sure each image is ordered with purpose. The extra care will pay off.

Use words to flesh out the story. This book will hopefully be shared for years to come, so make sure vacation destinations are clearly labeled. It’s also not a bad idea to name everyone included in the book in a caption at least once. Include dates when relevant.

Presentation is Everything

Photo printing services have many different layout options for books. Choose page layouts and a cover layout that works with the theme. And consider where your mom might put the book. Your choice for the cover of a photo book that will be displayed on a coffee table may be different than one stored on a bookshelf.

Layouts often include different size spaces. If this is the case with your layout choice, make sure the pictures that stand out in your mind stand out on the page in the largest spaces. Take time to play with borders and page theme (some services offer different decoration or colors on the page). Consider your mom’s taste and favorite color in order to create something truly personal that she’ll love.