Glass and Acrylic Photo Prints

article by Sandra Trentino
September 24, 2019
We’ve all heard of printing photos on photo paper, inside photo books, and on canvases by now. Glass and acrylic glass prints are less common, but often more dramatic mediums to print photos on. So what do the terms mean?

Acrylic and Glass Printing

Glass and acrylic photo printing are similar options. The first step to figuring out if either medium is right for any particular photo project is to understand their differences. Glass photo prints have better clarity than acrylic prints, but glass comes with some risk. If you choose to print on glass, you must acknowledge the possibility that your product might break one day. To decrease the risk, you might choose to only print photos smaller than 16×20 on glass. For larger prints, choose acrylic glass prints.

Acrylic is a clear, elastic plastic that mimics the qualities of glass. It is more durable, so if shipping safety is an issue, go acrylic. Acrylic printing is cheaper than glass printing, but it is also easier to scratch and harder to clean. We’ll discuss more of the differences between the two mediums later on in the article, but for now let’s take a look at the services that offers these two types of prints.

 photos printed on glass


Ordering on Shutterfly

Glass photo prints on Shutterfly range from $39.99 -$84.99 depending on the size and style of the print chosen. Shutterfly offers a unique curved glass print, flat glass prints with embellished statement text, a watercolor frame, and the option to upload your own design. Sizes offered range from 5×5-10×12. Acrylic prints on Shutterfly start at $62.99, as they are offered in bigger sizes than the glass prints. Sizes range from 8×10-24×36. The styles offered are similar to glass prints in that there are colleges and single print styles, along with a few versions of the popular ‘stack and scatter’ style. Read our full Shutterfly review for more information.


Ordering on Snapfish

Snapfish glass printing is a great choice if you want to make a big statement on the wall of any room. Prices range from $89.99-$199, and sizes offered are larger than alternative printing services: 30×45 cm, 40×50 cm and 50×75 cm. Prints are on 6 mm thick bevel edge safety glass, with a sealed glass etch primer for extra protection. The print is produced 5-11 days from the time the order is placed. Acrylic prints can be ordered in sizes ranging from 11×14 to 20×30, starting at $99. Choose portrait or landscape orientation. Read our full Snapfish review for more information.


Ordering on Mixbook

 Mixbook’s service only offers acrylic prints. They come in 14×11, 30×20, or 20×16, and cost $99.99, $199.99, and $129.99 respectively. Read our full Mixbook review for more information.


Print on Glass or Acrylic?

We discussed some technical considerations of printing on either glass or acrylic above, but now we want to help you decide what types of memories to print on either medium. First of all, you don’t want to print just any old selfie on acrylic or glass. Make sure the image is as high quality as possible, and choose special and emotional subjects, like a vacation memory with an amazing landmark in the background. Nature shots and monumental occasions like weddings and graduations look great behind glass or acrylic.

Be mindful that the print compliments the room it is hung in; depending on its size it could be there for a while. Finally, try not to hang the print in a hallway or any room where a lot of activity increases its chance of being damaged or broken, especially if the chosen material is glass.