Hang Your Instagram Photos on the Walls of Your Home

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019

Social media is an ever-evolving way to communicate in today's world, whether keeping in touch with friends or sharing photos and experiences. Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media, as it allows people to connect through photography.

Anyone with an iOS or Android device can create a free account and share pictures with any and all followers. It is not only a way to showcase your own photos but to share those of others as well.

When you take a really great photo, you don’t want it to get lost in a streaming feed of computer images, which can be difficult to find in a few weeks, months, or years. That is where photo printing software comes in, as many websites offer services that allow customers to preserve those Instagram memories forever.

Bringing a Photo to Life

Most of the recommended photo printing sites now allow uploads from various social media accounts, and Instagram is obviously the most requested. When using a Shutterfly or Snapfish account, the process of uploading from Instagram is very simple and takes moments to connect and transfer the photos. The next steps merely consist of making a few decisions, such as the size of the prints, if prints should be organized into a photo book or collage, and the shipping option that best meets your needs. Within days, those Instagram photos that were the size of a mobile phone become tangible memories to hold, keep, and share.

Organizing a Photo Book

Most Instagram users have themes to their posts, such as family, friends, vacations, or nature. By uploading those photos to a photo printing services website, it becomes much easier to sort the photos by theme or date. For groups of pictures with a certain group of friends, from a family gathering, or from a particular trip, many customers choose to put those memories into photo books. It is an ideal way to bring those memories to life and keep them close to look at and share with others.

Gifting from Instagram

Not all photos shared on Instagram are ones that you might want to share with your grandparents. But there are prints that would make great gifts. A grandparent would love that picture of you and your sister, a friend would appreciate that photo of you two on spring break, and the kids would probably love the picture of them on the beach at sunset. Simply use that photo printing site to enlarge the photo and transfer it onto a canvas print. And by ordering it on Walgreens Photo, you can pick it up in a day or two and have the gift ready to go.

Make the most of the Instagram experience by linking the account to a reputable photo printing company. It puts the power of print into a simple and quick way to access memories, create photo books, and give gifts that are personal and meaningful. Instagram can come to life with a little help from today’s modern photo printing websites.