Keep Your Memories Alive in Custom Photo Books

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
When camera film had to be processed at a local store, prints were always taken home and sometimes organized into photo albums, or just left in the envelope they came in. Today, the process of organizing prints is much easier, not to mention faster and more permanent.
Modern photo books do not have the sticky paper, plastic overlays that yellowed and cracked over time, and the photos themselves do not have to be preserved in special ways to keep them from becoming yellow or brittle.

Photo printing software now allows photographers of all levels of experience to keep pictures online but also order printing that shows off today’s technology. With a variety of paper types, templates, and sizes, photos can be organized into photo books that arrive at your doorstep printed and ready for viewing, showcasing, and saving forever.

Celebrating People or Events

The best part of organizing photos into a specially printed book is that the finished product becomes a cherished memory. By uploading pictures from a computer or social media, it is then easy to sort the pictures by theme or event. And using reliable photo printing services, those groups of photos can be put into a book. A particular trip or vacation is the reason that most people use photo books to collect and preserve their pictures, but it is also helpful for family photos, holiday events, and can even be used by businesses to put work-related photos into a collection for employees. While framed pictures and canvas prints are great for some situations, photo books are the most popular way that prints are ordered.

Gift Giving

Printing websites often see a surge in photo book orders as holidays near, as photo books make ideal gifts that can be treasured and eventually passed down to future generations. To give a photo book filled with pictures of children or grandchildren is priceless. To memorialize a travel experience with a collection of the best photos from a site like AdoramaPix is invaluable. Photos capture people, places, and things, and while nice to look at on the internet, having them on paper in a beautiful collection is a thoughtful gift.

Choosing the Right Book

There are so many options for photo books. On Shutterfly, for example, a custom book allows you to organize the photos, choose embellishments, backgrounds, and layouts, and resize photos at will. A simple book puts the work in the hands of the photo printing service and ships a final product to you. There is even a “Make My Book” service that does everything for you from start to finish.

The styles available for books are endless, with numerous sizes, layouts, and even languages (Shutterfly offers English and Spanish). Covers come in glossy, matte, cloth, leather, or crushed silk. And templates allow users to pick from hundreds of options with pre-designed idea pages to inspire customers to tell the stories of the photos in their own way.

A photo book is forever, a gift to yourself or someone special that allows memories to be preserved for a lifetime and beyond. Whether as a gift, a way to remember a special occasion, or simply an organizational tool to keep important pictures in one place, photo printing is the most ideal choice.