The Must-Know DIY Wedding Photo Tips

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
A wedding is usually the most significant day of a bride and groom’s lives thus far, and its memories should be meticulously captured. That’s why wedding planners recommend adding DIY photo activities to your reception in addition to hiring a photographer.
DIY photo elements are easier to add to a wedding than you may think. There are tons of dedicated wedding photo apps you can ask guests to download and use at little to no cost if you’re on a budget. Or, rent digital cameras and enlist your guests as photographers. Use photo printing services to see the results.

Be Trendy, Get a Photo Booth

 The photo booth is the latest trend in DIY wedding photography. Renting them can be expensive, but if you can afford it they are worth it. They give rhythm-challenged guests a chance to amuse themselves with something other than dancing or alcohol, and provide long-lost friends and family with a fun way to reconnect. Rented services usually allow guests to print a filmstrip instantly.

You can also create your own photo booth by taping fabric to a wall and setting up a camera on a tripod. Make sure it is set up at a distance that allows four people to fit in the frame together, and tape marks to the floor to indicate where people should stand. There should be remote shutter release so no one has to physically snap the picture. Include simple lighting and don’t forget fun props like feather boas, mustaches, tiaras, and a chalkboard so people can write messages to you.

 Get Digital – Use Wedding Photo Apps

 Integrating mobile apps is a way to ensure that if your guests are on their phone at your wedding, it’s not to check their Facebook feed. It’s because you asked them to help capture the event. Create a custom Instagram hashtag and print it on place cards. This is the simplest way your guests can share wedding memories, as Instagram is one of the most widely used photo sharing apps.

Wedpics is an interactive photo gallery that allows the bride, groom, and guests to share wedding pictures, comment on photos and add filters. The couple can order a high-quality album of pictures. Snapable has similar capabilities and allows home printing.

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Upgrade a Tradition – Rent Digital Cameras

Leaving disposable cameras on guest tables used to be a fun wedding tradition. Now it’s kind of…well, tacky. Fortunately, a quick Google search reveals there are plenty of companies that have upgraded tacky to tasteful. They allow the bride and groom to rent digital cameras to give their guests, resulting in higher quality photos. Using digital cameras also gives the happy couple the choice of which photos to print. If you know some of your guests are talented photographers, this is a great way to cut down professional costs at the reception.

Cut Costs – Use Photo Printing Services

Photo printing services like Snapfish and Shutterfly can be used after you’ve gathered all the pictures taken at the wedding. Order a few canvas prints of your favorites and decorate your new home. These services can help cut escalating costs incurred with a professional photographer, and they offer unique ways newlyweds can display memories from their special day.