With Online Printing, Your College Memories Will Last Forever

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
College years are a mix of studies and friends, and it is a memorable time in every young person's life. Making friends, sharing new life experiences, and doing new things are all a part of the experience. And in today's world, much of it is shared on social media through photos.
But what good are the photos if they only stay on your computer or mobile phone? It is much more fun to order prints and keep those memories on your desk, as bookmarks, and to post on a wall.

Much of college life is a shared experience, which is what photo printing is all about. With a few clicks, those pictures from spring break or even that fun late-night study session can be ordered as prints for you and your friends. Keeping those prints is one way to keep those college friends close for a lifetime.

Share Memories with New and Old Friends

College students have a lot to keep track of. They have studies, tests, schedules, social activities, and keeping up with friends and family at home. Much of their daily life can be shared on social media, but it can be tough to find the time to do more than glance at a Facebook picture once before moving on to the next task. That is why photo printing software online is such a benefit for young people. By uploading photos quickly the morning after a party, a few easy steps can result in ordering and then receiving prints in the mail. This allows you to relive those memories and share them with friends, whether those back home or new friends on campus. And a smile goes a long way when worrying about a test.

Keep Parents and Family Happy

Family members support college students through the tough years of school, so one way to give back is to send a few prints back home. By uploading a few of those selfies from Facebook or party pictures from Instagram to a photo printing website, it is then easy to put them together in a photo book on a site like Walgreens Photo and have it sent to the Walgreens location nearest that parent or family member. When they go to pick it up, they will know that you’re thinking of them and sharing your college experience with them.

Make College Memories Last Forever

The college years can go by quickly, but the memories last forever. Instead of having to scroll through years of social media photos to relive the best of those moments, preserve them through the printing process. Accounts on sites like Snapfish remain accessible indefinitely, but it is important to periodically do something special to remember the friends who help you get through it. Canvas prints are a great way to preserve those memories long past the dorm room days.

Whether you choose to put memories in photo books by year or put that selfie of you and your best friend on a mug or a canvas bag, photo printing services are the best way to make the experience last a lifetime.