Print Your Family Vacation Memories

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
Everyone posts family vacation pictures online for people to scroll through. Sometimes friends  look at them long enough to give them a superficial “like.” But why not do something special that lets your loved ones really appreciate the memories you share? Blow their minds by printing your photos.
Photo printing services allow you to transform your memories into a physical, touchable form. If you’re not artistic, photo books and canvas prints are easy enough to make in a few clicks.  But prints can also go a long way in creative hands. They can be used in anything from the traditional scrapbook to bottle cap magnets and vacation memory jars. Here are some of our favorite out-of-the-box ways to capture your vacation in a keepsake.

Using Print Photos in Scrapbooks

Traditional scrapbooks may seem boring, even in this digital age when they are rare. But if you have enough photos and/or plan ahead, there are plenty of ways to modernize one. A simple collage layout goes a long way. Layer and glue your prints on top of each other and integrate them with random knickknacks you’ve picked up on the trip (like tickets) to tell your vacation story. Glue the maps from your trip to pages first for a unique twist.

The more ambitious can enlarge their photos and use a journal and sharply creased cardstock to create a 3D origami-style fold-out scrapbook. Cardstock and airmail envelopes can be cut and glued together to create mini photo pages for a scrapbook.

Contain Your Memories

Consider putting your family vacation on display in a unique container. When made with love and care, a traditionally decorated shadowbox will draw attention. If that idea bores you, try a memory jar. After printing photos and gathering your favorite knickknacks from your trip, choose a jar with a thin neck and use a bent wire to add and position objects before sealing the jar and displaying it on a shelf. Kids will love that they can always add to their jar, and it’s a great conversation starter.

640x425_Vacation Memories

Vacation in a Bottle Cap

We’ve saved our favorite idea for last. Print small versions of your favorite family photos (black-and-white optional) and paste them into bottle caps. From there, the possibilities are endless. You can add a magnet or pin to the back, or even turn it into jewelry or a thumbtack. Kids will get a kick out of using the memory to help display their artwork on the fridge.

Quick and Easy Display Ideas

If you’re looking for something quicker than these crafts, you can make or buy a picture frame photo box to store pictures. A photo in the top frame helps you easily organize photos by trip or event. Or, pick a few favorite photos and display them in a flip picture frame. Sick of one? No big deal. Just flip it over. You can change the mood of a room instantly depending on your choices.

Say goodbye to folders of random pictures stored on your social media accounts and then forgotten about. A little bit of time and some photo printing goes a long way to help you create unique vacation keepsakes. No amount of digital ‘likes’ matters more than the fun you and your family will have crafting memories.