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Shutterfly Review

article by Sandra Trentino author January 05, 2020
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Shutterfly has been in the photo printing business for nearly two decades, as it began in 1999 with basic printing services for digital camera users. And through the years, it has followed the photo printing trends to stay current and offer everything that customers want from a photo site.
  • No charge or limit for photo storage
  • Photos never deleted from Shutterfly system
  • Free registration also includes up to 50 free photos, free magnet and set of labels
  • Regular offers include free shipping and up to 50% off orders
  • Free prints available for using new iPhone or Android app
  • Expedited shipping option can still take up to one week
  • Standard prices not as competitive as other top photo printing sites
  • Errors can occur when uploading too many large photos at once
Their customer service was the icing on the cake for me. I'm a customer for life!
Sandra Trentino, author
Free Storage Limit Unlimited Free Storage of Your Photos
Key Factors Offers 200+ Photo Book Templates
Bottom Line Create Your Own Photo Book or Have Designers Do It
Is it Useful for Small and Large Businesses Several Shipping Methods Available
Multiple Devices Mobile Apps Available for Android & iOS
Photo Books Try Now >>
Hard Cover
  • For The First 20 Pages
  • 8x8 / $29.99
  • 8x11 / $39.99
  • 12x12 / $64.99
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Prints Try Now >>
Per Print
  • Discounts On Bulk Orders
  • 4X6 / $0.15
  • 5X7 / $0.99
  • 8X10 / $3.99
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Photo Cards Try Now >>
  • Free Shipping On All Orders $39+
  • 5x7 Flat / $1.27 per card
  • 5x7 Folded / $1.39 per card
  • 5x7 Tri-Fold / $1.98 per card
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The 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is made with confidence, putting all of the years of experience and product superiority on the line with good reason. Users can rest assured that they can do anything with their photos and produce quality products using Shutterfly.

features Features

Users have a number of options for photo uploading besides the traditional upload process from a computer. With connections to all of the social media services like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, customers can transfer pictures from their accounts and order products in just minutes. Also, the new iPhone and Android apps make that process even easier for mobile users.

Hundreds of templates make designing products fairly easy, and customization options allow everyone from beginners to professionals to design as they wish – or receive the help they need. The “Ideas & Inspiration” and blog parts of the website are also handy tools for ideas and trends.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Shutterfly customers of all levels of photography and printing skills find the website an easy one to use. Clear web pages with options and instructions lead customers to the proper pages to create the products you desire. Between specific menu options and site prompts, not to mention customer service representatives for additional questions, every person is able to navigate the site and end up with professional-grade work.

Sizes and Styles of Products

Shutterfly has the largest selection of personalized products of all of the top-ranked photo printing sites. The range of products spans the gamut of simple prints to iPhone cases and customized kitchenware. With hundreds of products from which to choose, the sizes and styles of prints are the easiest to use as an example. Simple photo printing services start at 4″ x 6″ matte/glossy for $0.15 to 20″ x 30″ pearl option for $29.99. All sizes are available in matte/glossy, most also in pearl, and some in cardstock as well. Fuji Crystal Archive paper is used to preserve images.


Shutterfly offers nine shipping options, from economy at 6 to 10 business days with no guarantee up to super rush shipping for a limited number of products at 1 to 2 business days guaranteed. Shipping costs are calculated based on the products, weight, quantity, size, packaging difficulties, and costs of packing materials, so customers must place an order to obtain a shipping quote.


The quality of all of the products from Shutterfly is better than most competitors. Prints are clean and crisp, photo books are sturdy, book covers are made to endure, and framed art is stunning. Of course, customers will find better quality products when using the best quality – and more expensive – photo paper and supplies. By using the preview options at every step of the creation process and paying attention to site suggestions, however, a flawless product is guaranteed.

Antivirus Setup Limitations

There seem to be no limitations to the kinds of products, paper, finish, and accessories available, especially with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Pricing Pricing

New Shutterfly users will receive a coupon for up to 50% off the initial order, including some free prints, labels, and other items. Sales like the “Spring Spectacular” offer 50% off everything on the website, even canvas prints, while other frequent deals offer free shipping for minimum orders of $39.

There is no membership fee for Shutterfly, and prices start as low as $0.15 for a 4″ x 6″ print. Large format prints start at $6.99 for a 12″ x 12″ size, and collage posters start at $2.79. Calendars begin at $8.99 for a magnetic product, and photo books start as low as $15.99 but also give the option of a $9.99 design service to allow an expert to do the work.


The customer service section of the website pulls up an entirely new window with a plethora of options. There is product help available for every category of product, as well as a section for answers to frequently asked questions about a variety of issues like photo uploads, Canadian shipping, and perfecting photo resolution. To speak with a representative, there are live chat, email, and telephone options every day of the week.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Of all of the photo printing options available in today’s digital world, it is sometimes best to go with the trusted name you know. Shutterfly has been a staple in the industry for nearly two decades, and the detailed information and products available are a testament to the growth of the company to keep up with its customers. As beginners are just as comfortable as experienced printers using the site, it is easy to see why Shutterfly remains a top competitor in a crowded field.

Dave says:

We’ve been using shutterfly for years and have been mostly happy. Recently, we ordered two 8×10’s pictures of my son from his winter formal dance at high school. There is no markings on the envelope that says do not bend and the packaging is not sturdy at all. The first one arrived in our mailbox badly bent. We called for a replacement and it arrived with a big crease in both pictures. Again, called for replacement and same thing happened despite me asking them to package it with extra sturdy materials, which they did not. The little flimsy orange envelope doesn’t cut it. Anyways, I give up. Will look elsewhere.

Tracy Darwood says:

Hi. I want to make some prints to put in an album but I’m not sure what size? What’s the normal size for photo albums?

L. Carless says:

Never had a problem with Shutterfly in the past. Ordered several books from them and was pleased with the outcome. HOWEVER I just tried to create a book and the website was awful. Wouldn’t load and any changes I made messed up the entire formatting. I honestly expected more form these guys.

DesKX says:

TERRIBLE SERVICE. If you’re just ordering prints then you might be ok but as soon as you attempt anything more complicated it all falls apart. You’d be better off drawing the picture by hand.

gerry says:

Never using this company again they’re an absolute joke. Trying to get a calendar and they’ve messed it up several times. Don’t know how they can think that anyone would want there images upside down… tried to rectify the error but keep making things worth…. if you’re not a fan of wasted time and endless hassle then I suggest you look elsewhere

Samuel W says:

Cool but kinda expensive. Would only recommend if you really like having something physical to hold on to.

Joseph N. says:

Any idea how long I can expect something I buy from this site to last?

Roger J. says:

Not really sure if you ‘need a physical photo album in today’s world, but it’s definitely fun to keep a few pics like in the old days.

Matt B. says:

Used this to document my baby’s 1st birthday. Love it!

Debbie says:

It may be a good service, but it’s definitely expensive!

Fran says:

Do they offer any kind of photo art inspiration or articles on the site?

Becca says:

I love that there are so many shipping options!

April says:

This seems too good to be true. There has to be at least one flaw.

Marlene says:

I’ve used Shutterfly to print photos in the past. Shipping isn’t the fastest in the world but the quality of the prints is amazing. It’s worth waiting a little for a quality product. If you’re in that big of a hurry, find some place local and pay about 30 to 45% more.

Darlene says:

I love Shutterfly! I put together a wonderful family photo book of my mom and dad’s old photos. I scanned them into my computer and then sent the files to Shutterfly and made them a photo book. They loved it and best of all I have the memories preserved forever.

Margaret says:

Do you have to upload photos to the service or can you send photos to them as well, like on an old media card. I have a new computer that doesn’t have a lot for my old camera’s card and I want to pull the pictures off. Do you think they can help or should I look for another solution?

Bart says:

Not sure why you would use this service over some place local. Seems like that after shipping, you’re paying more. Is there a reason why this is a better choice over somewhere local? Customer service hardly makes up the difference IMO.