Snap Happy: How Photo Prints Add Joy to Life

article by Esme Mazzeo
October 29, 2017
We challenge you to put down the phone and pick up a camera. In today’s digitally-focused age, we share pictures on social media but not in real life. Use printed photos to preserve and display memories.

These prints are more than just art. The thoughts and conversations they inspire lifts spirits.

Sharing pictures on social media is common practice these days. But there is only so much conversational mileage anyone can get from showing family and friends their newest article post or picture on Instagram. Everyone is likely to have seen it already and quickly go back to awkwardly sipping wine. On the internet, a picture is only pixels and data anyway. But printing a photograph gives it a whole new life. The colors are more vibrant, facial expressions are clearer, moments in time can be physically held in someone’s hands. Holding something tangible triggers memories which could result in guests telling stories and laughing for hours. So print some photographs or take out your photo books to display at your next gathering; then sit back and watch the joy that results.

Your Life, on Display

Printing photos doesn’t just liven up parties. Photographs can brighten your everyday life. Print a photo of one of your happiest memories and hang it somewhere so you’ll definitely see it in the morning. Everyone deserves to start their day smiling. There are plenty of resources online that teach how to make custom frames to match décor. Use Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration while framing photo prints instead of a virtual closet for where memories will gather dust.

Use photos in dream boards to help you refine focus, or simply hang them on walls to add warmth to your home. Art is beautiful, but so are photographs. Displaying memories prominently adds a level of comfort to your home that guests will appreciate. But they also serve as a constant reminder of what makes a house a home: the moments shared inside it with loved ones.

Photo Prints

Photo Prints Aren’t Only For Paper Anymore

Services provide more than just basic prints on photo paper. Mediums include canvas, metal and even glass, to name a few. There’s no reason for frames to be boring; there are enough options out there to reflect anyone’s personality. If you’re in love with Instagram’s vintage vibe, fear not. Many of sites allow customers to print directly from their Instagram accounts, and offer square sizes and even keep the filter effects intact.

So, don’t settle for hiding your memories on social media like everyone else. Proudly present them at parties to spark conversation and keep special ones somewhere easily accessible for days when your mood needs a lift. Hanging photos in your home makes visitors feel closer to you, not to mention decorating frames can be a great bonding activity. Physical photographs can soothe and inspire people in a way that pictures posted on the internet never will. Take advantage of this simple way to infuse more joy into your life.

The sheer number of creative photo printing services may seem a bit daunting. Read our comprehensive reviews to find the best photo printing service for you.