Turn Graduation Day into Memories

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
Graduation day is an important one to capture in print. We’ve gathered some fun ideas so that both high school and college (or beyond) graduates can turn photos from the day into memories that are uniquely theirs.
Personal touches are essential in a successful graduation photo project. Add mementos to your crafts to give even more meaning to the print. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Be bold and make your day unforgettable for your family and friends.

Capture the Moment: Shadow Boxes and Memory Jars

High school and college are multi-year, meaningful experiences, packed with amazing highlights. So make something fun to reflect that! Integrate pictures from your graduation day with some of your other favorite college photos and keepsakes into a shadow box or memory jar. Were you in the drama club? Cut up ticket stubs or programs from the productions you were in and include them. A cheerleader? Cut off a piece of a spare uniform or add in a competition medal. Did you edit or write for your college paper? Include a copy of your best article or print a copy of a favorite photograph you’ve taken. Keep in mind that shadow boxes are a bit more traditional and permanent, whereas with memory jars you can use wire to switch out objects.

640x425_Turn Graduation Day into Memories

A Toast to You: Personalized Bottles and Coasters

Why not give Aunt Mary something to really remember the day by? If you’re having a party in mid-to-late summer, turn photo favors into something more than an oft-forgotten wallet print.  Some photo printing services like Evermine or Pinhole Press give customers the option to create bottle labels for wine or soda. Walgreens, Shutterfly and Snapfish allow customers to design  custom photo coasters. A framed picture is always nice, but we have a feeling your family and friends will get a lot more use out of these.

Update a Classic: Photo Collages with a Twist

Our first two options may not appeal to the traditionalist. There is nothing wrong with printing your graduation and school photos, gathering mementos and creating a collage. But approach it from a unique angle. Instead of just a piece of poster paper on a wall, why not buy wooden letters or numbers (perhaps spell your name or buy your team numbers,) decorate them with printed pictures, and hang them on your wall? If you’re more minimalist, buy a wall hanging and mount a photo mobile. Printing services offer similar products like custom framed letters or collage print options.

If it’s more your style, decorate your graduation cap so that each picture taken of you on graduation day has your signature in it. You can always just frame the cap next to one or two of your favorite graduation pictures if you aren’t crafty. Acrylic or canvas prints turn photos into art. Of course, designing photo books on a photo printing website is always fun also.