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POS Systems – The Cash Register of the Future

New point of sale (POS) systems embrace powerful online technologies, allowing your business to provide superior service for an affordable price. With these online applications you can gain valuable insights that help you scale and create a sustainable revenue model.

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In today’s highly competitive retail and commerce world, companies must find any edge they can to stay ahead. One of the best and easiest ways to improve service is by adding point of sale systems that can replace older cash register and payment systems. These modern systems allow small businesses to gain enterprise-level functionality and analytics, while still working very well within a leaner budget.

Simplify the Way You Do Business with POS Technology

Today, POS systems can do much more than simply collect payment. Thanks to their full online capability, they also include an arsenal of features that make them a must-have for any company looking for a sales edge. New POS systems give your small business significant added value, like tracking your shop or café’s sales numbers automatically and producing in-depth analytics.

Besides these great benefits, you can better manage your inventory with automated reporting that identifies waste and important savings opportunities. Furthermore, you can create better workflows for your staff with improved labor force administration. Online point of sale services let you handle your customer data and marketing from one central location. Finally, you can avoid spending unnecessary dollars on hardware that you do not need by installing your new POS directly onto your existing PC, tablet, or even smartphone.

Making the switch from an outdated system to an online POS means that not only can you save money on installing your new systems and equipment, but you can reinvest that money into things that matter, like building a great team and growing your business.

Not Just for Restaurants

The best part about software-based POS systems is that they can be tailored to any particular industry. Whereas older systems did not always fit every business’s needs, new POS services are much more flexible. For small restaurants and cafes, services such as Touch Bistro can help improve their efficiency and inventory management. Small retailers can maximize their sales with ShopKeep while converting any iPad into their new cash register. Quick service companies and bars can benefit from services such as Revel, which allows businesses to create mobile POS terminals that connect to a central system.

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