Best POS Systems (Point of Sale) for 2020

December 29, 2019
The right POS system can be hard to find and depends on your business needs. A retail POS system will offer different capabilities than a food service POS system. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve created a list of our favorite POS systems for businesses. No matter your industry, one of these is the best POS system for you!


Shopkeep POS LogoShopkeep is a diverse system aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed. Features like 24/7 support and their recent partnership with BigCommerce to help entrepreneurs integrate eCommerce and storefront, prove that they are committed to growing their business with their customers simultaneously. Omni-channel selling is easier than it ever has been with Shopkeep.

Register capabilities go beyond basic ringing up and include:

  • Splitting tenders
  • Discounting individual items or full orders
  • Fast refunding

Back office support comprises:

  • Inventory management
  • Organization of customer information
  • Transaction records
  • Data analysis

You can reorder low stock and popular items easily. Inventory records on the raw goods level make bundle items easy to track. This is also useful for food service businesses as it is one of the best pos software options for keeping track of multi-ingredient items like salads, even if you can’t define ingredient units.

A reporting suite offers information on average costs, sales by discount, customer breakdowns and more. You can now set different tax rates, view different store locations on one screen, and use their app on iOS or Android. Add-on features allow for:

  • Advanced third-party e-mail marketing
  • QuickBooks integration
  • AppleCard loyalty program.

The BigCommerce capabilities mentioned above are also add-on. ShopKeep is $69/mo. to start with one register. This is the best point of sale system for new business owners as it does include basic necessities and allow for growth, but lacks some advanced features.

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square logoThe most unique feature of Square is its lack of a monthly fee. Percentage rates are high (2.75% per swipe transactions and 3.5% + $.05 per keyed-in transaction), but especially for start-up businesses without much established processing history, this model makes Square a great choice. It is the best POS system to use if you don’t have a brick-and- mortar shop, as the app is incredibly robust. Some app features include:

  • Receipt printing
  • Kitchen ticket printing
  • Kitchen display
  • Split tender
  • Cash and check reporting
  • Discount and refund capabilities

The app is primarily an ipad POS system It’s diverse on-the-go options make it our choice for best pos system for small business in the food industry, like a food truck or coffee stand.

Other Square features are:

  • ‘Card on file’ options for easy credit card processing
  • Developer API options for custom software integrations (making it the best POS software for anyone looking for flexibility)
  • E-invoicing
  • Webstore hosting
  • Order pick up options
  • Advanced inventory management features like stock alerts and quick item edits

Advanced options make it a great retail POS system. These capabilities include: multi-location inventory management, detailed cost-of-goods reporting, purchase orders and vendor lists, customer outreach features and more.

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touchbistro logoTouchBistro is an iPad pos system exclusively for the food service industry. As such, we can confidently call it the best POS system for restaurant owners. It earns this reputation because of robust industry-specific features. There are two systems for either full service or quick service establishments. Popular features on the full service software (for restaurants, nightclubs, breweries and bars) are:

  • Bar tab merging
  • The ability to move items to another person/table
  • Low stock warnings
  • An in-app message center

For order taking, the app has the ability to:

  • Scan barcodes
  • Retake orders
  • Search menu items
  • Go into menu-only mode for patrons

There are also table management features, reservation features, and there is a feature that allows the addition of specific cooking instructions for the chef. TouchBistro includes staff management options like assigning an employee to a table/section and a time clock. Inventory capabilities include:

  • Recipe management
  • ingredient-level inventory tracking
  • ingredient-level food cost reports

The reporting feature is diverse and includes detailed sales and accounting reports, payment and labor reports.

The quick service software is the best POS system for coffee shop owners. It is very similar to the full-service software in terms of features but we want to highlight some features especially helpful for quick service businesses. First is reliability, because you don’t have to rely on internet service to take and process orders, saving you the frustration of angry customers in a rush. You can also manage your business anywhere from the cloud. There is a navigation feature and Google Maps integration for deliveries, credit card processing, and pre-order alerts. Touchbistro starts at $69/mo. for one license, and goes up to $399/mo. for unlimited licenses. Don’t miss out on the best point of sale system in food service!

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harbortouch logoYou can order HarborTouch for cost of shipping (no startup costs) if you agree to a three-year contract, but there is a 30-day free trial, so don’t worry. Optional hardware includes a cash register and credit card reader. Their Echo model is the one of the best POS system options for smaller or mobile businesses like kiosks, food trucks, or other quick service businesses.

Elite retail POS system includes:

  • A color/size/style matrix
  • Inventory tracking features that let you import an existing inventory
  • A payment feature that allows you to pay an employee by commission
  • Employee management
  • Gift registry
  • A customer database

QSR and delivery features include driver management, directions and maps, and caller ID. Food service options include:

  • Tableside ordering
  • Online ordering and reservations
  • Menu customization
  • Streamlining for detailed orders
  • Table tracking

Salons and spas can find help with walk-in management; there is an appointment calendar, customer database, and multi-station management. There’s an option for retail support, membership program options, and the ability to send text and e-mail reminders to customers.

Their Echo POS system is not business-specific but includes a cash register interface, keyword search for items, inventory and employee management a customer database and more.

We think this is the best POS system for beauty industries. They seem to offer the best POS software solutions for specific industries, because their website mentions industry specific solutions. The service fee is $39/mo. for Echo and $69/mo. for Elite.

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revel systems logoRevel has some of the most diverse capabilities we’ve seen in the industry. Pricing seems to depend on the specific needs of the selected industry. But that means you can add on tools to create fully customized solutions. They’ve added capabilities to make them the best POS system for grocery store locations, an industry we barely see targeted.

Cash management capabilities include cash flow alerts, end-of-day totals by employee, and real-time data reports. There are table management features for the food service industry including table timers, and for delivery services we were particularly impressed by the delivery integration and partnership options to help you reach more customers. There are product, inventory, employee, kitchen, and enterprise level management options, and detailed reports. Customer experience tools include discount and gift card capabilities, a customer display system for checkouts, online ordering, and loyalty programs. We think this is the best POS system for small business owners with unique needs. Contact them today for custom business software solutions.

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The five companies above offer the best POS software in the business. Management and other needs can be very industry-specific. But no matter what problems you need solutions for, one of these options is the best point of sale system for your business!