How to Decide on a Menu for Your Restaurant

article by Lei X. author
One of the hardest parts of creating a successful and popular restaurant is choosing the right mix of menu items that are appealing and appropriately priced. Many restaurants have fallen victim to poor menu choice, a mistake that can prove fatal.

However, finding the perfect menu does not have to be a terrifying process. Following the lead of the most successful eateries, it is easy to see that the best menus all share similar characteristics and flow even though their styles and chefs may come from completely different backgrounds. Here are some of the best strategies to keep in mind when choosing your restaurant’s menu.

Choose Items That Can Be Made at Low Cost

One of the biggest mistakes a new restaurant can make is choosing menu options that are expensive to make, even if they are big sellers. The problem is not the cost of individual meals, but rather the fact that a restaurant must produce the same dish several times, and in some cases even order specific ingredients for it. While this does not mean your menu should only include cheap alternatives and low-cost ingredients, make sure to find those vendors and suppliers that can give you the quality ingredients you need for excellent dishes at a more affordable price while avoiding high ticket items that may sink a budget.

Avoid Overcrowding Your Menu

Before setting out to create your menu, you should decide on a unifying style and cuisine your restaurant will offer. Once that is chosen, you should find all the alternatives you can make, and narrow them down to just a few favorites. Having too many options can confuse your customers and affect the quality of the food you prepare. Moreover, you run the risk of burying your popular dishes beneath a mountain of options.

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Use a POS System to Identify the Best-Selling Items on Your Menu

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing you only need to create a menu once. Your available dishes should be based not only on your personal culinary vision, but on actual analytics and customer data. Modern point of sale systems include robust sales and customer satisfaction reports, which can help you find those menu items that patrons are ordering more frequently, and those you can afford to remove. Keep your menu fresh and always offer the best side of your kitchen by regularly evaluating and editing the menu. Ambur, a restaurant dedicated POS system has a advanced insights reporting feature. This feature can provide you an impotent insights regarding your menu, based on past orders data. Armed with those insights you can make wiser decisions regarding your menu. Learn more what this system can do for your business with our unbiased Ambur review.

Choose Items You Can Make Quickly

While some options may sound delicious and sophisticated, they can be problematic when being replicated several times an hour. One of the easiest ways to fall behind on orders and have unsatisfied customers is by taking too long to serve food. Choose food options that offer a combination of sophistication with ease of preparation. Avoid dishes that are overly complicated to plate or take too long to make, as they will bog down your line and create bottlenecks for food preparation.

Making the right menu can be a complex affair, but by keeping the above points in mind, you can create a fantastic selection of excellent food at affordable prices that will result in a full cash register at the end of every day.