The Future of Restaurant Technology: 5 Major Trends

article by Lei X. author
Point of sale technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Long gone are the days in which a POS system was a bulky, stationary cash register; new POS terminals can perform a variety of tasks to make restaurant management incredibly efficient.

But it can be hard for a small business to determine which of those novel changes benefit them the most, and more so, to successfully implement those changes. By better understanding the direction of the industry’s technology, you can position your restaurant to take full advantage of the dining tech revolution and reap the benefits over the long-term. Here are five of the major trends that will take restaurant technology by storm.

Front of the House

  • Tableside Ordering and Payment – More and more restaurants are empowering their customers to take their time with orders, or ask for their food as soon as they are ready, without needing to wait for a server. With tableside orders and payment offered by POS systems such as HarborTouch, restaurants can cut back significantly on errors and wait times. With integrated credit card readers, mobile POS terminals can speed up payment even more.
  • Online Orders and Reservations – In today’s mobile-first world, customers are always looking for ways to speed up their activities. New restaurant systems include the ability to order online and even create applications to take orders via smartphones and tablets. By allowing patrons to automatically order online or book a table through a website, you can reduce wait times, improve efficiency, and free your wait staff to focus on offering better service to customers.

Behind the Scenes

  • Integrating Management into POSIn older days, POS terminals were merely cash registers. Recent technologies have rethought this paradigm, and have integrated advanced restaurant management technology. POS systems such as TouchBistro now include payroll and inventory management, as well as marketing and loyalty rewards systems that integrate a wide variety of functions into a single application.
  • Data-Driven Progress – The world of business has been revolutionized by the advent of easily-accessible analytics, and the restaurant industry is now reaping the benefits. New POS software such as Revel comes integrated with advanced analytics that can show you sales, marketing and even payroll statistics in easy-to-comprehend and actionable reports, viewable from any device with an internet connection.
  • Rethink Your InventoryInventory management can be a serious problem for restaurants. With perishable goods and rapid turnover of stocks, it can be easy to over or underestimate how much of an item is needed, which can lead to spoiled food, scarcity of popular dishes, and other customer inconveniences. Modern POS services include advanced inventory management tools such as order tracking, turnover analytics, and more. They can help you determine which higher-volume items should be reordered with greater frequency and which can be cut back, saving you time and money.

Plan for Your Restaurant’s Success

With such revolutionary innovations occurring in recent years, your small business can reap the benefits of installing the most advanced POS systems for restaurants at affordable costs. Make sure to research the available options to uncover the right service for your restaurant’s needs with in-depth reviews.