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HarborTouch Review

article by Sandra Trentino author January 05, 2020
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If you need a comprehensive solution for your point of sales needs, HarborTouch POS systems is an ideal choice. The company offers purpose-built hardware solutions along with its POS applications that include a wide range of tools to help optimize your business.
  • Seamless integration with leading payment processors
  • Customizable interface to match your small business branding
  • Use traditional POS terminals, or go mobile with iPads
  • View your business reports anytime online
  • Suited for wide variety of industries
  • Requires initial hardware investment
  • Higher learning curve to get started
  • Requires signing a contract
The company’s built-for-purpose terminals provide a ready-made solution that is easy to use and allows for incredible flexibility.
Sandra Trentino, author
Multiple Devices Can Use Existing Hardware or Order Free Hardware
User Interface Online Reporting Tool
Pricing Customized Gift Cards for Clientele
Licence Duration Authorize.Net Online Retail Solutions
Key Factors Comprehensive ATM Solution

From deep analytics you can view in real time to hardware solutions for credit card readers and cash registers, HarborTouch can handle a heavy load. Even better, their custom-built mobile application allows you to add remote terminals to include services such as tableside ordering and mobile payment. Overall, HarborTouch presents a great solution for a variety of industries.

features Features

There are several things to like about HarborTouch’s versatile offerings. The company provides two services: Echo, designed for smaller retailers and restaurants; and Elite which is built for larger enterprises. In both cases, the company’s offerings are outstanding. HarborTouch offers a built-for-purpose terminal that is easy to install, and includes a cash drawer, receipt printer, and even an integrated customer display. However, your business can go beyond this at no cost, simply by downloading the company’s custom application on an iPad or even iPhone, creating a mobile terminal. This allows for remote payments and tableside ordering. Elite devices also include barcode scanners for retail stores.

For your back-office needs, HarborTouch offers advanced analytics that you can access from anywhere. We were very impressed with the company’s web-based analytics dashboard, which provides a great range of data insights including sales, inventory, workforce, and marketing statistics that can help you streamline your small business. We were also pleased with HarborTouch’s modular system, which lets you choose which parts of the software you need while hiding the rest to avoid clutter and complication. We also liked the company’s workforce management tools, which adapts the POS system to act as a work log with accurate time-tracking and builds reports by employee to track performance and success. Moreover, HarborTouch offers a great variety of specialized tools, making it a great alternative for a diverse range of businesses from beverage distributors to hotels and restaurants. Overall, we were quite impressed with HarborTouch’s excellent offerings.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

One of the big benefits of HarborTouch’s built-for-purpose hardware is that installation is a breeze. Instead of having a complicated installation with several devices, HarborTouch POS systems come with a setup wizard that helps guide you through the entire process of getting started. The application itself is intuitive and straightforward, and lets users decide which features they need while removing the rest from view in order to limit the potential for errors. Additionally, we were happy to see that updates can be initiated remotely, meaning that you can always rest assured that your terminals are up to date with the latest software and features. With an easy-to-connect drawer and reader, your POS can also act as a cash register, credit card reader, and processor.

Hardware Requirements

Unlike some of its web-based competitors, HarborTouch offers a pre-built POS system that includes easy installation and is designed to last. When you sign up for the company’s service, you will receive a terminal for the tier you have chosen, as well as some hardware included. For Elite subscribers, this includes a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and customer display, as well as a mouse and keyboard. The Echo comes with the same features, minus the barcode scanner. If you wish to set up mobile POS terminals, you simply need to install HarborTouch’s application on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Antivirus Setup Limitations

What makes HarborTouch so powerful is also one of the things that might be not ideal for some companies. The company’s hardware requirement means that smaller business might be interested in simply a software solution to install on pre-existing hardware. Additionally, getting started with the system after installation might take some getting used to, as the software has a slightly steeper learning curve. Signing up for HarborTouch also requires signing a contract, and that can lead to some fees if you choose to terminate your agreement early.

Pricing Pricing

HarborTouch offers two base plans for its POS systems: Elite, and Echo. The former is designed for larger establishments and provides more hardware as well as access to more employee accounts. Echo includes a leaner POS terminal as well as some more limited hardware included. Both plans can be expanded with extra hardware and services. Elite plans include a $69.00 a month service fee, while Echo plans start with a $39.00 a month service fee.


We were quite pleased to see that HarborTouch support is incredibly accessible and excellent at providing service. You can contact the company via telephone, e-mail, or even live chat. Additionally, the company’s website includes a very useful knowledge base with a wide range of useful, easy-to-understand guides and tutorials. Overall, we found support staff was prompt, friendly, and answered our questions fully.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

With a comprehensive hardware and software solution, HarborTouch offers a different service. Instead of requiring you to purchase expensive devices and set up yourself, the company’s built-for-purpose terminals provide a ready-made solution that is easy to use and allows for incredible flexibility. Considering their excellent pricing, HarborTouch is definitely a strong alternative for small businesses.