Why Restaurants Are Switching from a Cash Register to POS Systems

May 14, 2019
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article by Rebecca Sharman author

A new restaurant can quickly be undone by poor customer service. Although things such as food quality and great service are important, the back end is also vital. Forcing customers to pay in cash, or taking too long to process payments can quickly lead to patrons bring their business elsewhere.

Your restaurant can easily avoid this problem by introducing a point of sales system. Incorporating these systems allows your eatery to not only monitor cash flow, track sales, and supervise inventory, but also allows you improve payment processes. This can boost your daily sales and improve your customer experience, leading to better service and more loyal patrons.

Attract More Customers

In this increasingly cashless world, customers prefer the simplest payment alternative. As a result, taking only cash or limiting payment choices can drive away patrons. Newer POS systems are integrated with a credit card reader to accept payment. By adding a web-based point of sales, you can quickly enhance your customer experience.

Faster Transaction Processing

As more people visit your restaurant, you must constantly find a balance between serving more customers and keeping the same quality. POS systems such as HarborTouch can help expedite payment processing, thus freeing up tables and improving turnover.

Accurate Payment Processing

Handwritten bills can lead to major errors and unhappy customers. Restaurant POS systems help cut down on mistakes and customer complaints by automating the ordering and billing process. With mobile terminals and web-based systems, any member of the staff can view an open ticket and add to it without worrying about errors or miscalculated totals.

Split Bills

Large groups are always good business for a restaurant, but they are not without their headaches. For one, splitting a bill might result in complicated calculations and increase the potential for mistakes. Thanks to POS systems, splitting a check is as simple as a few taps on a screen. Every patron can receive their own bill and pay without worrying about complicated addition, subtraction, division or multiplication.

Cut Down Miscommunications

Some of the most common mistakes made in restaurants are the result of a miscommunication between the customer, the wait staff, and the kitchen or bar. These snafus happen more frequently when staff rely on verbally placing orders or messy hand-written notes. With POS systems, the wait staff can easily take orders and ensure that they will be communicated clearly to the kitchen and bar. This can cut down on delivery time, prevent costly mistakes, as well as improve overall customer satisfaction.

Manage Inventories

Restaurant point of sales systems allow small business owners to track their inventory and gather sales reports in real time. The restaurant staff can monitor all the ingredients needed and then ensure there is no waste or shortage of perishable items. Managers can also keep track in real time via mobile devices, thereby eliminating any chances of theft or misallocations. Additionally, POS systems can generate in-depth analytics such as sales and earnings reports.

Having the right technology in your restaurant plays a critical role in ensuring your business’ success. Traditional cash-based payment systems can create many pain points, and therefore are gradually being replaced by POS systems. By embracing this new trend, you can take advantage of emerging innovations while quickly improving your restaurant’s efficiency and customer service functions.