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Revel Review

article by Sandra Trentino author January 05, 2020
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Founded in 2010, Revel has quickly become a mainstay in web-based point-of-sales technology. The company offers an easy-to-use solution built around allowing mobility and flexibility when it comes to payment processing and business intelligence.
  • Web-based POS systems
  • Integrate with your favorite payment processor
  • Real-time analytics for inventory, customers, and employees
  • Heavily customizable for your needs
  • Built-in delivery management systems
  • Initial setup can take some time
  • Exclusive for iOS
  • QuickBooks integration can be confusing
We were impressed with the wide array of features offered, and though there are small areas for improvement, we view Revel as a great solution for point of sale systems.
Sandra Trentino, author
Multiple Devices iPad POS Good For Restaurants, Retail & Quick Service
Key Factors Fully Integrated with QuickBooks
Multiple Logins Social Media Integration
User Interface Comprehensive Intelligent Reporting Suite
Pricing Create Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Revel provides a great range of front-of-house tools that are specialized for different industries, including inventory flow control, table mapping, event-coordination, and staff management. Additionally, the ability to integrate with other business software applications such as QuickBooks makes the company an ideal solution to centralize your small business’ operations and avoid overcomplicating your operations. Overall, Revel makes a great system that can free your business grow without having to worry about overload.

features Features

We were impressed with the wide variety of features Revel offers for different industries, and how well designed these services are. Revel’s front-of-house services include tableside assistance for restaurants, as well as order-taking capabilities for retail stores. If you are having problems converting visitors to customers, the ability to assist them directly can provide an excellent revenue boost. Additionally, customers can order online and simply pay or receive their orders at your store thanks to a pre-built mobile application. Moreover, you can boost your customer satisfaction with an impressive array of loyalty programs, marketing tools, and gift cards.

We were impressed with Revel’s back-end technology, which is built to help enhance your business intelligence and decision-making processes. These tools include an advanced inventory utility that automatically updates your stock levels, and will alert you when items need to be reordered to avoid a shortage of popular items. It can also provide great analytics that can help you identify areas for savings by showing you what items should be ordered more frequently, and which can be cut down on. If you own a small business in the food services industry, you can even track your inventory down to the ingredient level.

Revel’s workforce management tools are also a great way to improve your business operations. The application allows you to track employee hours and salaries, as well as provide sales reports and other key performance indicators that let you locate troublesome areas and improve your team’s efficiency. Along with a broad toolkit of analytics that also include sales, performance, and marketing, you can rest assured knowing that you will always have the necessary tools to make the most informed decisions for your business.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

We found that Revel’s solution is easy to use, although it does have a slightly steeper learning curve at the outset. Installing the software and configuring the solution to the ideal settings for your restaurant or small business can be somewhat time-consuming, but it pays off in the long-run as the software becomes much easier to manage once it is properly calibrated. In addition, we found that the company’s mobile POS systems work very well, and make tableside ordering and other remote functions a breeze. We were also pleased with the iPad interface, which is straightforward and gives you excellent control over all aspects of your business.

Hardware Requirements

One of our favorite aspects of Revel is the fact that it does not require almost any hardware to get started. To set up your first terminal, all you need is an iPad and the company’s application. If you already have a payment processor and drawer, you can turn it into a de facto cash register. If you are starting from scratch, the company offers a great selection of hardware that includes ready to use iPads, as well as drawers, credit card readers, and printers to simplify your efforts. Overall, we found that hardware costs were minimal with Revel.

Antivirus Setup Limitations

We were very happy with Revel, but we did find some areas that could be improved. One of the biggest areas for Revel to advance their user experience is with the system setup process which can be time consuming and slightly confusing at first. We also found that the company’s online shipping and payment systems could be slightly better rounded out to optimize the process. Finally, we would like to see the inventory utilities strengthened to provide an even clearer picture of your stock needs.

Pricing Pricing

Revel does not list prices for its different plans on its websites, as it prefers to work with each prospective customer to tailor a plan. The company’s plans can differ on a variety of factors, including your hardware needs, how many terminals you are planning on using, and other similar considerations. However, upon contacting the company, we did find that they usually work to accommodate a range of different budgets and business sizes.


We were happy to see that Revel offers 24/7 customer support through many of its channels, and gives you a wealth of ways to get in touch with them if the need arises. The company can be contacted via telephone, e-mail, and through authorized support agents. We found that while some channels take longer to respond, answers are always accurate and the agents we talked to were always friendly and ready to help. Revel also offers an excellent knowledge base on their website with great articles on a variety of topics.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Revel delivers an excellent solution for small and large businesses alike. The company’s applications and mobile-based technology make it an affordable and versatile solution. We were impressed with the wide array of features offered, and though there are small areas for improvement, we view Revel as a great solution for point of sales systems.