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ShopKeep Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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ShopKeep is a multi-purpose point of sale service that helps small businesses in a variety of industries to grow sustainably.
  • Guaranteed low payment processing rates
  • Strong inventory management features
  • Improve staff management with time tracking tools
  • E-commerce via BigCommerce integration
  • Get all the hardware you need directly from ShopKeep
  • Only works with iOS
  • Minor learning curve regarding inventory management system
  • Could have clearer pricing details on website
The company can provide the analytics and tools you need to take your store or restaurant to the next level.
Sandra Trentino, author
Syncronization Serverless Sync™ Ensures All Registers Updated in Real Time
Additional PC Protection 1 Year Hardware Warranty for All Products
Features and Specifications Comprehensive Analytics Reports
File Sharing Email Marketing Capabilities
Speed Employee, Payroll & Shift Interface

ShopKeep’s system is installed on iOS devices such as iPads, and gives companies a great deal of mobility and flexibility in offering customer service. With a rich analytics feature, ShopKeep is a great way for your small business to gain enterprise-level insights and operations at a fraction of the usual cost.

features Features

There is a lot to like about ShopKeep POS system’s ability to offer more than simply a virtual cash register. One of the features we were most impressed with is the company’s inventory management system, which offers a great way to handle stock by identifying areas where orders should be boosted, as well as places where you can cut back and save. Inventory reports can be viewed daily or even hourly. Moreover, you can view your reports from anywhere with an internet connection, and can also see sales, transactions, and marketing reports that can give you a quick breakdown of your company’s health. This can also help you understand traffic flows, peak hours, and best-selling items, letting you make better decisions when it comes to your business.

You can also break down your staff’s hours and performance easily. ShopKeep lets your POS system double as a time tracker, giving you a detailed view of your team’s hours as well as its sales success. For front-of-house, ShopKeep enables tableside payments and easy order communication between a restaurant’s wait staff and the kitchen. Additionally, you can modify orders and create custom items. Furthermore, the ShopKeep POS system is able to integrate with your preferred payment processor while using your iPad as a cash register and credit card reader for a small hardware cost. Finding menu items and goods is more straightforward thanks to a useful search function built into all ShopKeep POS terminals.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Overall, we were pleased with how relatively uncomplicated ShopKeep was to operate. The analytics and business reports were viewable with just a few clicks. In terms of POS, ShopKeep obviously put great effort into ease of use, as it is quick to set up and configure to your small business’s unique requirements.  Moreover, the “pocket app” lets you track your company’s analytics in real time without needing to physically access a POS terminal.

Hardware Requirements

There is a fairly low hardware threshold if you are looking to get started with ShopKeep. Because the service works on iPads and other iOS devices, you do not necessarily need to purchase any new hardware to begin using the service. If you require additional hardware, ShopKeep can assist by providing you with leases for cash drawers, printers, card readers, and barcode scanners. These are provided at excellent rates that do not add a large sum to your overall monthly fees.

Antivirus Setup Limitations

We found some areas that ShopKeep could improve to offer a more well-rounded service. Although we were very pleased with the company’s inventory systems, we noticed that there are some minor quirks when entering your items that could lead to some confusion. In addition, this solution is only ideal if you are already operating with Mac devices and the iOS operating system.

Pricing Pricing

The exact amount of your monthly invoice will vary depending on how many licenses you need. To get started with ShopKeep for a single register, you can pay a service fee of $69.00 a month. The company does not list further pricing information, but will happily provide quotes over the phone upon request.


If you have any issues, you can contact ShopKeep 24/7 via telephone from the United States. You can also reach the company via email and a very useful live chat feature, which is a great way to get quick answers to any problems or questions that may arise. If you prefer to find your own solutions, the company’s knowledge base includes excellent articles and video tutorials, as well as an active community full of other users who likely have encountered similar questions.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

ShopKeep offers a powerful and flexible point of sales system for a very affordable price. If you are looking to grow your small business and need business intelligence tools to make better decisions, the company can provide the analytics and tools you need to take your store or restaurant to the next level.