Tableside Payments: Why Are They So Beneficial?

article by Lei X. author
Most customers are used to seeing wait staff at restaurants whisk away their checks for minutes at a time to process payments. However, new point of sale systems have changed this paradigm, expediting the payment process and replacing outdated cash registers with more agile technology.

With the advent of online and mobile POS tech, new terminals are no longer bound to an individual location, but can move with your wait staff and process your customers’ payments directly at their table, without having to wait. This may not seem like such a substantial change, but there are several ways this can improve your service and level of customer satisfaction. These are some of the biggest benefits of implementing tableside payments for your small business.

 Cut Down on Mistaken Orders

A frequent problem in restaurants of all sizes is the amount of errors that result from handwritten orders and faulty checks. More than a simple mistake, these errors in checks and orders can erode your customers’ trust and create a poor impression of overall service. By using mobile POS systems, your staff can allow customers to review their order before it’s transferred to the kitchen, and again before paying. This not only cuts down on the number of replacement orders needed to be cooked, but also improves the rapport between your wait staff and clients.

Improve Your Workflow

One of the biggest problems with stationary POS terminals is that they add minutes to every order. These minutes add up, and eventually can detract from your staff serving more customers, limit their availability, and lead to unhappy patrons. Allowing your staff to carry remote POS systems can shave off those minutes, and lead to happier customers, higher turnover, and better service overall.

Offer More Transparent Payment

With stationary point of sale terminals, customers’ credit cards are taken out of their sight. While in the vast majority of cases there is no wrongdoing at a stationary POS, allowing for tableside payment can improve your customers’ trust in your establishment. Mobile POS terminals can be fitted with credit card readers and offer quick payment, and even accommodate newer systems such as e-payment and e-wallets to help improve transparency further.

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Boost Customer Satisfaction

When servers can cut down the time they must spend processing their customers’ payments, they can instead allocate those minutes toward service. This can drastically change the way customers view your small business. By spending more time interacting with patrons and offering a more personalized service experience, your wait staff can generate repeat business and even improve tipping averages.

Expand Your Bottom Line

Another major benefit of improving payment speed is its impact on revenue. Faster payments lead to increased table turnover and more processed customer orders per day. This improved workflow eventually translates into much higher profits for your restaurant, turning one additional $20 order per day into thousands of dollars accumulated over the course of a year.

When it comes to customer service and satisfaction, making a minor change such as expediting your payment processing can have a major impact. Find the right restaurant POS platform for your business and experience the benefits firsthand.