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TouchBistro Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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TouchBistro’s point-of-sales service offers a powerful yet affordable solution to processing payments and centralizing a wide variety of functions for small restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Guaranteed low payment processing rates
  • Get all the hardware you need directly from TouchBistro
  • Improve your staff management with time tracking tools
  • Easily manage inventory
  • Optimizable for a variety of industries
  • Only works with iOS
  • No e-commerce integration
  • Could have better pricing details on website
The POS application runs smoothly on an iPad or other iOS device, and has several features that make it a perfect solution for small business owners to integrate.
Sandra Trentino, author
Money Back Guarantee Pricing Dependent On Size of the Business
Server Locations Cloud Reporting and Analytics
Features and Specifications Order Taking and Table Organization Features
Multiple Logins Easily Manage all Staff
User Interface Customize Menus and Floor Plans

The POS seamlessly integrates front-of-house and back-end services including ordering, payment, and sales analytics, helping small business owners identify important trends and optimize their efforts to maximize their revenues. Moreover, its attractive price point makes it one of the best in its field when it comes to value for money. With fantastic tools that include marketing capabilities, business analytics, and even remote cash drawer management, TouchBistro is an ideal solution for restaurants of all sizes.

features Features

There is a lot to like about TouchBistro’s diverse feature set. One of the best things about the service is its mobile capability. Because TouchBistro is designed for iOS, it allows for direct installation on iPads and use as mobile point-of-sales terminals. Additionally, it means that wait staff can take orders and process payments directly at patrons’ tables, even allowing for credit card readers to be integrated with its application. Even better, it simplifies the process of splitting bills and adding taxes to checks.

TouchBistro also enables excellent communication between a restaurants front and back of house, letting wait staff directly send orders to the kitchen or bar without having to physically deliver tickets. For front-of-house service, TouchBistro allows for tailored floor plans, as well as custom orders, and even collects customer data for repeat business purposes.

For the back end of restaurants, TouchBistro offers excellent functionality for staff management that includes easy log in and out with either QR codes or numbered passcodes, as well as role assignment and security. It also features powerful inventory management tools that include inventory warnings, as well as updates to stock levels via imported CSV or excel files.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

We were very impressed with how straightforward TouchBistro is to use once it has been set up. The POS application runs smoothly on an iPad or other iOS device, and has several features that make it a perfect solution for small business owners to integrate. For one, the POS systems for front-of-house service offers an intuitive display of a restaurant’s layout, and can be easily customized, even allowing for color-coding by different categories. Moreover, it allows for quick tableside payments, and simplifies the process of splitting bills. When it comes to inventory, it makes the process of inputting and compiling figures easier by allowing for imported data.

Hardware Requirements

Overall, TouchBistro requires very little hardware to get started. If you only need one terminal, you can easily install the software on an iPad and use it as a de facto cash register. However, if you require more than one terminal, hardware requirements become slightly higher. For one, the software is designed to operate in a Mac environment, which means that several terminals will require a MacBook or Mac mini to set up as a server to connect all the terminals together, as well as iPads to use as POS systems. Additionally, you might require a credit card reader to accept certain payments.

Antivirus Setup Limitations

One of TouchBistro’s most obvious limitations is its exclusivity to Mac ecosystems. While ideal for small businesses that are already operating on iOS and Mac OS, those who are not might face slightly steeper setup costs. Additionally, the software is not cloud-based, so it requires an operational local network, and to set up a server to use multiple terminals simultaneously. TouchBistro also does not offer automated inventory tools, which means that you will have to either manually input your inventory, or import it from another application.

Pricing Pricing

The area where TouchBistro truly shines is its price performance. The service is widely hailed as one of the most affordable POS systems in the industry, and it lives up to its reputation. The company offers several different subscription options depending on your needs, allowing you to choose a plan that meets your unique requirements. TouchBistro’s plans are all billed annually, and include:

  • Solo Plan for 1 license at $69.00 per month
  • Dual Plan for 2 licenses at $129.00 per month
  • Team Plan for up to 5 licenses at $249.00 per month
  • Unlimited Plan for an unlimited number of licenses at $399.00 per month


If you require support for any of TouchBistro’s services, the company offers you several alternatives. The company hosts an outstanding knowledge base that includes insightful articles covering a variety of topics related to installation, use, and best practices. If you require individual support, you can reach the company via e-mail, telephone, or even traditional post. Overall, we found TouchBistro’s support services to be prompt, courteous, and insightful when it came to answering our questions.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

TouchBistro offers customers a thoughtfully designed and effective way to handle their restaurants. With a wide array of successful tools and analytical features, the service allows small business owners to take full control of their establishments and easily manage everything from the wait staff to inventory. Despite some minor limitations, we found that it is an excellent value for its price, and though it is only available for iPads, is an outstanding POS solution for small and medium-sized restaurants.