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TurboTax, offers a great service for people wanting save money preparing their Taxes

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Why waste your hard-earned money having a stranger prepare your taxes every year? There are cheaper, easier alternatives that allow you to do your taxes yourself, and provide you with all the same benefits and protections as having an accountant run the numbers for you.

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Why Use Tax Preparation Software?

A large number of Americans use some form of tax preparation services to fill out their taxes because they feel they are not smart enough to fill out the paperwork. They shell out part of their hard-earned refund every year when the fact is that the majority of American really don’t need the extra help.

In addition, there are some drawback to using a service or an accountant to prepare your taxes. Did you know that those with little or no tax experience staff the majority of tax prep services? Many preparers in your walk-in services, such as those in your local mall, have only been through a few weeks of training and then are let loose to file your taxes.

You can always go the route of hiring an accountant, but they are not always the best option. In addition to being marginally more expensive than other services, in many cases you are still liable if they make a mistake, or worse, intentionally file false information in your return.

The fact is the process of filing taxes is relatively simple for many Americans and they can do it on their own. In the past, it is understandable why so many chose to get extra help because some IRS forms can be confusing. However, as technology advanced, software was developed to easily guide tax filers through the process quick and easy. You may not know this, but many of the walk-in tax places mentioned earlier use almost the exact same program to file your taxes. In essence, you’re paying someone to punch numbers into a computer for you.

If you’re a user that has more advanced taxes such as self-employment or business taxes, tax software can help you too. Most every company that develops tax software has various versions to cover most every scenario imaginable.

On this site, you will learn about the best tax software on the market and how you can file your taxes for a lot less than going to a tax preparer or accountant.

Find the Best Program For Your Needs

It doesn’t matter what type of taxes you need to file as there’s a program best suited for every individual need. The majority of American have relatively simple taxes, such as 1040 or 1040EZ. Even so, many people opt to use tax preparation services rather than risk making a mistake or risk an audit.

Fortunately, tax program have various safeguards built in to prevent these problems and most programs offer support services in the rare occasion that there’s an error caused by the software. Tax programs aren’t just for simple filings either. Those who have taxes that are more complex can also benefit from filing their taxes online. For example, if you’ve recently gotten married, the software can handle joint filings. New homeowners will find they can easily deduct mortgage interest with tax software.

Freelancers and those who own businesses will benefit from software that will help walk them through self-employment taxes, business taxes, expenses and even complex tasks like depreciation. Freelancers and small business owners can save a lot of money each year by choosing to file their taxes online rather than using an accountant.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is, tax software can help you. Whether you’re a student, working multiple jobs, self-employed or a retiree, tax programs can handle your filings.

What We Look For

On this site, you will find reviews for the best online tax filing programs on the market. Our reviews cover many of the popular programs like TurboTax and TaxAct and others you might not be aware of like FreeTaxUSA.

When reviewing these programs, we cover all the area important to filers. Not only do we explain how the program works, but we also cover whether the application helps with more advanced tax topics such as itemized deductions, Schedule C or mortgage tax credits.

We will also keep users informed on the type of experience they will receive with the program and any potential risks. The best tax software apps will offer both an accuracy guarantee and tools to identify your audit risk. This ensures your taxes are done right the first time around.

Reviews and So Much More

In addition to reviews on all of the top brands, this site offers a wide variety of services that will help with tax filing. Our news section will keep filers informed on the latest changes in the tax code or any potential software updates, as well as information you need to know about everything related to filing your taxes. Our videos section provides instructional tutorials on how to use the programs we’ve reviewed as well as news relevant to the current tax season. Our hope is that this site becomes your top destination for news and tax software reviews.