Best Video Editing Practices for YouTube Videos

article by Arya A. author
Outside of creating engaging content, there are several editing techniques that can help your videos go viral. But editing can be tricky if you are new to movie editing software. Before you start, read these YouTube best practices that can help you garner thousands of likes.

Best Practices for Video Editing

#1 Arrange & Trim Your Clips

This is the first stage in the video editing process, and involves taking your video footage and separating it into clips that you can reorganize and alter to create a logical order. Besides determining what will make the final cut, this is also the part of the process where footage that is unnecessary can be removed. The best policy here is to use only what you need. Be as concise as possible.

#2 Add Transitions, Effects, and Filters

Take the time to create seamless transitions and polish your footage to make it as visually appealing and stunning as possible. You can add visual effects, correct the colors, and even remove imperfections in the footage with tools available from Adobe Premiere Elements. Moreover, you can develop a more realistic feel and enhance the emotion. This can instantly upgrade your footage from standard to excellent.

#3 Polish the Sound

Make sure to take the time to listen to the footage’s audio to identify background noises and check if the dialogue is clearly audible. Most of the best video editors, like Magix Movie Edit Pro, offer excellent audio editing tools that can normalize different soundtracks and reduce or eliminate background noises. This will help produce crisp, clean audio that can complement your visuals.

#4 Export the Video From the Editor

While exporting the video into its final file, keep in mind the formats and file sizes that YouTube supports: MOV, MP4 (MPEG4), AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MPEGPS, and WebM. In addition to the format, you also need to ensure that the video is less than 20 gigabytes.

Easing Into Editing

Editing can often be the most difficult part of the production process, requiring a lot of creativity, skill, and the ability to alter footage with a final vision in mind. What’s more, footage must also be edited to comply with YouTube’s rules.

It is fun and interesting to play with most editing software packages, but don’t get distracted by shiny features that you will never use. Explore trial versions for the best video editing software packages available and take the opportunity to experiment and discover the useful functions these solutions offer. Once you’re more comfortable with the software, you may be ready to begin your career as a viral hitmaker.