The Best Video Editing Software for GoPro Users

article by Arya A. author
GoPro cameras have become popular amongst extreme athletes and adventure seekers including surfers, sky divers, skaters, and many more. GoPros are compatible with several of the best video editor options, so you can find a suite that fits your every need:

Basic Movie Editing Software

  • GoPro Studio for Windows and Mac: GoPro Studio makes it easy to trim, merge and slow down videos shot with your GoPro. You can also upload the edited video to YouTube, Vimeo, and other hosting sites directly. GoPro Studio has an excellent blend of easy-to-use tools and powerful editing capabilities.
  • iMovie for Mac: This is a simple video editing software with a user-friendly design that matches the GoPro interface well. Storage on the cloud means that you can continue editing the video on other Apple devices, export the final video, and share on the go.
  • Windows Movie Maker: A straightforward editing tool for beginners, this software offers almost all the features one might need for basic editing, like transitions and simple special effects, but lacks more complicated tools.

Video Editing Software for Intermediate Users

  • Wondershare Filmora for Windows and Mac: This is an advanced video editing software suite which comes with an ‘action cam tool’, allowing users to remove noise, distortions and stabilize color – perfect for those shaky GoPro shots with dirt and intermittent noise from the wind, skateboard, water, or engine. You can also cut the video instantly without losing quality.
  • Magix Movie Edit Pro for Windows: Offering over 1,000 templates and other features like motion tracking and shot stabilization, the interface is well-suited to the strengths of the GoPro – high definition and high-quality footage.

Advanced Video Editing Software

  • Adobe Premiere Elements: Premiere is a great choice for professional video editors, with all the tools needed to take even the rawest footage and render it into a polished movie. The software is quick and videos can be processed easily, even large files common to GoPro users.
  • Final Cut Pro for Mac: This diverse program is often considered the best video editing software for Mac. FCP comes with countless features and third-party plugins that can customize videos for even the pickiest of editors. If your goal is to give action footage enhanced audio, know that Final Cut also makes sound editing a priority.


Editing videos that are shot from a GoPro require the right movie editing software. Choose what is best based on your level of expertise and do not forget to explore what audio features are offered by the software as well. A great action video is a combined product of expertly-shot raw footage, audio-video balance, a great camera, and the efforts of a skilled editor.