The Best Video Editing Software for Windows

article by Arya A. author
Despite its reputation as the underdog when it comes to video editing, Windows offers an excellent alternative to creators who are looking for a flexible solution to match their hardware needs. Here are some of the best video editor options available for Windows:

CyberLink PowerDirector:

PowerDirector from CyberLink offers a professional-level feature set at a much more affordable price. The software can output videos in 4K Ultra HD, as well as edit 360-degree virtual reality videos. Additionally, it lets you edit slow-motion videos with frame rates between 120 and 240, something most competitors cannot match.

Pinnacle Studio:

Pinnacle Studio is an outstanding video editor, and provides an excellent feature set. It lets you work with an unlimited number of editing tracks, enabling you to add text overlays, visual effects—of which Pinnacle Studio has over 2,000—and audio clips. You can also create synchronized shots from several angles using multi-camera editing, and use outstanding audio editing tools to give your videos crisp and clear sound.

Magix Movie Edit Pro:

One of the most impressive things about Magix Movie Edit Pro is the value it gives you for your dollar. The suite includes advanced motion stabilization software, as well as an extensive library of visual effects and transitions. Moreover, it delivers more than 100 premade project templates that let you quickly create beautiful videos and multimedia presentations. You can also edit your film using several different views, allowing you to make changes on a large scale and dive into specific clips for fine-tuning.

Adobe Premiere Elements:

If you are looking to get into video editing and want to use a powerful application, Adobe Premiere Elements might be the best video editing software for your purposes. The software includes a wealth of guides and tutorials that can help beginners get started while discovering the fundamentals of video editing. Additionally, Premiere Elements can automatically edit a video, delivering a final product you can fine tune or even use as presented without adjustments. However, it also contains powerful editing tools that even the savviest video editors will appreciate.

Corel VideoStudio:

It is easy to be attracted to VideoStudio’s intuitive interface and fun-looking editor. The company has placed a great emphasis on creating a video editing suite that can satisfy hardcore editors and also be appealing to beginners and more casual filmmakers. The result is an application that can create full 4K videos and 360-degree virtual reality videos, as well as let beginners create polished projects with easy editing assistants.


Transforming raw footage into an interesting and gorgeous movie is an art that requires attention to detail. From the device used to film to the software used to edit, each step in the process determines the overall quality of the video. Before purchasing an editor, make sure you understand your needs as well as the hardware you’re working with to assure you pick the best video editor possible.