5 Best Video Editing Software for 2019

article by Sandra Trentino
July 21, 2019
Finding the best video editing software for your needs can be a difficult proposition.  With so many options to choose from, be sure to look at these top five choices for 2017 to understand what separates the best from the rest.

#1 Adobe Premiere

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Adobe LogoCreated by digital powerhouse Adobe, Premiere offers an excellent blend of beginner tools and professional quality editing capabilities. With an intuitive interface and easy organization, Adobe Premiere offers something for everyone without sacrificing its functionality or effectiveness. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Easily sort, categorize, tag, and store files in Premiere’s Organizer, which lets you rate and instantly share edited and finished media online
  • Quick Mode lets you select raw files and automatically creates an optimized version of your project ready to be finalized
  • Useful audio tools include Music Remix fits MP3 files into your project while audio correction, equalization tools, and audio effects give your project depth
  • Edit your project in both 30 and 60 frames per second resolution to get high resolution video with no lag
  • Create fully optimized 4K Ultra HD videos ready to upload to a variety of websites and social media platforms

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#2 Corel VideoStudio

Top YouTube Video Editing Software

Corel VideoStudioFor users who are searching for a video editing software suite that can readily upload videos and clips to online platforms such as YouTube, Corel’s VideoStudio is a top choice. The application includes several professional tools that make it an excellent choice, and is easy enough for video editing rookies to get started without difficulty. These are some of their top features:

  • Create videos in 4K Ultra HD resolution, as well as full 360-degree virtual reality to make amazingly interactive media projects
  • Easily upload your finished products to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Facebook with format compatibility for AVI, MPEG, and WAV
  • Use up to 20 separate editing tracks in a single project to blend in multiple takes, different clips, and audio files
  • Enhance your video and audio projects with over 200 visual effects and 1,500 different editing effects and assets

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#3 CyberLink PowerDirector

Best Video Editing Software for Windows

cyberlink logo blackDedicated Windows users will no doubt enjoy CyberLink PowerDirector, which offers an extensive array of tools and is considered great professional video editing software. With an extensive toolkit that make it a well-rounded audio video editing software, PowerDirector gives you the ability to create unique and perfectly crafted media projects easily. These are some of their standout features:

  • Create projects with an incredible 100 multiple editing tracks, as well as dedicated audio tracks to craft the perfect video from many takes
  • Take advantage of subtle features such as video stabilization and transitions that can take projects from good to great
  • Make amazing adventure footage with 360-degree virtual reality video editor that lets you craft interactive and immersive media projects
  • Use Cyberlink’s WaveEditor and AudioDirector to optimize your video project’s audio assets and create compelling sound for your final product
  • Output video files in a variety of web-compatible formats as well as full 4K resolution for HD video

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#4 Magix Movie Edit

Best Action Video Editing Software

MAGIX Movie Edit ProFor editors and directors who love filming action, Magix Movie Edit offers an impressive set of tools. The application provides a variety of editing utilities designed to create action shots that look sharp and supply a clear image. With an excellent toolkit and easy-to-use interface, Magix Movie Edit is an intriguing alternative. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Full 360-degree video lets the movie editor function as an ideal GoPro video editing software or drone video editing software
  • A comprehensive suite of audio tools; including sound recording, noise reduction, equalizing, and normalization tools, enables audio editing directly from the project page
  • An impressive range of video, audio, and transition effects give videos professional quality and depth
  • Stabilize action footage and create impressive action shots with shake reduction and motion tracking
  • Additional editing features such as color correction and lighting controls give a broad hand to add depth and quality to finished products

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#5 Pinnacle Studio

Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Pinnacle LogoPinnacle stands out for its Mac compatibility alongside a strong suite of editing tools and features. Additionally, Pinnacle offers excellent organization tools and excellent video editing tools that make it a go-to video editing solution for amateurs and professional filmmakers alike. These are some of their standout features:

  • Create unique video projects with excellent tools such as stop-motion animation and frame-by-frame capture
  • Take advantage of over 2,000 effects and transitions in addition to NewBlue, which adds an extra 900 visual effects and assets for editing
  • Create fully motion-tracked videos in 4K Ultra HD and easily share them on your preferred social media or video streaming service
  • Edit audio and record voice-overs directly from the video-editing screen while taking advantage of noise reduction, “speech de-essing” and other specialized audio tools
  • Organize, sort, tag, and rate files in Pinnacle’s Bins, helping you keep track of all raw and finished video files in one convenient location

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The top video editing software depends on your needs, but applying one of these tools is a great first step towards developing outstanding and exclusive video projects. Read our in-depth reviews to uncover the best professional video editing software tools for your next silver screen production!

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