Which is Better for Video Editing - Windows or Mac?

article by Arya A. author
Which environment is better for those who need to edit video - Windows or Mac? While the best video editing software is available on both platforms, the choice between hardware still poses a dilemma. This guide will help you make the right call.

Windows vs. Mac – The Age-Old Battle

In the past, many video editors chose Mac over Windows for their projects because of its hardware capabilities, and its friendly ecosystem for intensive software that crashed many PCs. However, Windows PCs have since evolved and now have the same computational power as the best Macs, making the question of ‘which hardware is best?’ valid once again. So how to decide? Explore these benefits and see:

Video Editing on Mac


  • The best video editors available: The adage that Mac is the home of creators remains unchanged. The company support designers, artists, and editors by providing developers with a great platform to make impressive creative software.
  • Great hardware: Apple computers are known for their reliability and stability. Macs are known to last and require little maintenance over time.
  • Customer support: All Apple devices are covered at any official store, and support has always been a strong suit for the company.


  • Machines are not scalable: As opposed to the more flexible PC, Mac hardware cannot be upgraded once purchased, meaning there are hard limits to potential.
  • Not great for teamwork: Macs are built for individual use, making them harder to network and more difficult for collaborations than their PC counterparts.

Video Editing on Windows


  • Upgrading a computer with Windows is easy: PCs are built to be customizable and can be upgraded depending on changing computational needs.
  • Expert-level video editing software available: There are excellent video editing applications such as Pinnacle Studio that rival Mac software, providing all the bells and whistles expected from a top-notch editing system.


  • Hardware expiration: The functionality of PCs does not extend to the durability of its hardware, much of which displays wear and tear more dramatically.
  • Extensive research: The many different hardware and software providers means that research must be done before purchasing the best video editor to match the hardware.

Always Keep Hardware in Mind

Regardless of which operating system you prefer, the first step in purchasing the right movie editing software for your needs is understanding your hardware situation. You should keep in mind your computer’s storage capacity, such as your hard drive or external memory; your processing capacity and RAM; and your graphics card. These elements have a major effect on your workflow, and should be understood well before the editing process is begun.