The Most Commonly Forgotten Aspect of Video Editing - Sound Quality

article by Arya A. author
Semiprofessional video editors often neglect the audio editing portion of a video and only focus on providing cool special effects or camera angles. Before making this common mistake, consider the importance of sound when it comes to producing an amazing video experience:

Preparation is Compulsory

To get the best sound, you should make sure you have the right equipment. While your smartphone or home camera has a built-in microphone, it might not always do the trick of getting the right sound. Make sure you have an extra mic with you, or an effective way to get the audio you need for your video. While it is important to be able to connect your audio to your video, most editing software can match the two up easily. Once you have the sound recorded, you need the tools to make it crisp and clear.

Perfecting the Audio

Today, most movie editing software supplies built-in audio tools that can help you clean up, enhance, and in some cases add special effects to your audio tracks. Even better, many also let you record vocals such as narrations or voiceovers. Keep the following in mind when editing audio:

#1 The Number of Audio Tracks

When you are getting audio ready, remember that you can use more than one track. Video editing software usually gives you several different tracks to place sounds, so you can include dialogue, voice-overs, and music to make your footage stand out.

#2 Volume Control

It is vital to make sure your volume is in the right place. If your video has dialogue, it should be audible above everything else going on, but not be loud enough to be irritating to viewers. Find the balance and make sure all your audio is at the volume level it should be.

#3 Normalization and Levelling

Sometimes, using audio from different sources means it was recorded at different volumes and using different hardware. This can lead to discrepancies in sound that can be annoying and make your video seem less professional. The best video editing software, like the Audio Room from CyberLink PowerDirector, makes it possible to normalize audio so that it is all uniform and sounds more natural than several tracks mashed together.

#4 Adding Background Music

A great soundtrack can take a video to the next level. Luckily many video editors’ audio tools, like the one available from Corel VideoStudio, include stock libraries that are full of royalty-free audio and music. This can be an easy and straightforward way to add an extra dimension to your video without having to spend money on licensing rights.

Tie it All Together with Stellar Audio

With great sound, you can make your video go from average to outstanding. When looking for the best video editor, be sure to include audio editing features amongst your requirements.