What to Consider Before Buying Movie Editing Software

article by Arya A. author
Before deciding on the best video editing software for you, it is important to separate between needs and wants. Three of the most important characteristics to consider include the editing tools and effects, user friendliness, and finally pricing.

Dazzle The Audience

When making a video with that professional look and feel, it is vital to consider the visual effects necessary for adding flair or making a scene feel believable. Editing software fills this gap by providing special effects and filter options to make movies more stylish and project a specific visual message. Packages like Pinnacle Studio take this very seriously with over 2000 effects and transitions included.

Apart from the visual effects, a quality video editor must give you the flexibility to edit audio tracks alongside the video. The ability to add background music, sync, lower and raise audio levels wherever needed, or even add narration can mean the difference between a hit and a miss.  The best video editing software packages bundle audio and visual features, and in some cases, premium features can be added later.

The Decision Between Functionality and Friendliness

Video editing can be a lot fun, but also a complex process at times. The different needs of a newcomer and a professional mean that it is important to recognize that software functionality and user-friendliness may sometimes clash.  Test out a trial version to see if the interface is straightforward because it is unwise to invest in a product that creates obstacles. Intuitive editing products like Cyberlink PowerDirector make it easy to learn while providing the necessary tutorials and support.

Apart from the user interface, input and output formats can vary widely between editing packages.  The format of any video depends on what device is used to shoot the raw footage, with the best video editor packages supporting a variety of video formats.  After editing, many videos are uploaded to a variety of platforms and watched across devices. The final output format should therefore be flexible enough to work with many different viewing platforms.

Budget Accordingly

Based on your needs and goals, the final step to picking the right fit is to determine your budget for movie editing software. Software prices vary widely, so it’s wise to test all the available trial options to establish likes and dislikes along with the features that may prove essential or frivolous.

Finding the Best of the Bunch

Behind each great movie clip is thoughtful editing on the part of its creator. From iMovie to Final Cut Pro, there are many pieces of software that will help you edit movies like the professionals. Whichever you use depends on properly identifying your needs.