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Corel VideoStudio Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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When you need professional-level video editing as well as a user-friendly interface, Corel VideoStudio might be the right choice. The suite includes visual effects, powerful output, and multi-camera editing. Overall, we found Corel VideoStudio to be among the best video editing software out there.
  • Create full 360-degree virtual reality video
  • Excellent variety of video tools
  • Output video in full 4K Ultra HD
  • Create multi-camera projects easily
  • User-friendly interface
  • Rendering can be slower than competitors
  • Only 20 editing tracks
  • Takes up large amount of storage
VideoStudio really helped me go from good videos to professional-style projects that opened up a world of business possibilities. I highly recommend it for anyone!
Sandra Trentino, author
Reliability Easy and intuitive
Uniquely creative
Free Trial Award winning
File Sharing Supports popular formats
Ease of Use Flexible and fun
Best Value
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  • 2000+ 2D/3D effects, transitions, titles and templates
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  • 6 camera editor
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Setup Setup

At the outset, the process of getting started with Corel VideoStudio is extremely straightforward and intuitive. After you purchase your preferred option, you will be prompted to download the proper client. Once on your computer, the software will set up automatically, though it will take up over 3.5 gigabytes of space, so it is a good idea to ensure you have enough storage capacity on your hard drive before getting started.

User Interface User Interface

We were very satisfied by the clean and easy-to-use functionality of the VideoStudio application. The main screen includes four tabs on top, with the Welcome page including a great deal of tutorials and quick guides for different features, as well as pre-made project templates. Additionally, you can choose from the Capture, Edit, or Share tabs, which take you through different steps of the video editing process. The main editing window offers a very user-friendly design, with a small preview player, a thumbnail view for story boards, and a timeline view with different tracks across the bottom which lets you view everything in waveform. VideoStudio is the best video editor when it comes to combining ease of use with advanced features that give your project a great finish.

Basic Editing Features

One of the things VideoStudio does incredibly well is provide you with options for editing. The movie editing software offers over 200 options alone for visual effects and transitions. Furthermore, you can use color correction, change the speed of different shots, and even drag and drop different clips to easily integrate them into your timeline. VideoStudio offers an advanced trimming utility that allows you to expertly edit scenes and incorporate them into your video projects to make them fit seamlessly. In addition, you can use multi-camera shots and edit them into synchronized video. VideoStudio also gives you the ability to create stop-motion animations and edit green screen footage.

Audio Features

If you are looking to add high-quality audio components to your video projects, Corel VideoStudio is amongst the best solutions thanks to efficient and powerful audio editing tools. VideoStudio offers a mixing tool which allows you to normalize audio from different sources to ensure it all sounds consistent. You can also use the audio ducking utility to minimize background noise and make your dialogue and narration easier to understand. If you are looking for a great score to complement your video, VideoStudio provides access to a wide variety of royalty-free music.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Corel advertises VideoStudio as powerful and fun to use, and the reality closely matches all the hype. We found that overall, getting started and creating projects with VideoStudio was easy and did not require a significant amount of previous experience to understand the basics. The interface’s clean design helps add to the user-friendliness, and drag and drop functionality for many of the tools offered make it a breeze to create layered and well-rounded videos.


Overall, editing and creating new projects is a breeze with VideoStudio. The movie editing software can process a great variety of file outputs, and is also designed to handle high frame rates, as well as virtual reality video editing. We did find that while it can do all of these things well, it does slow down at times when rendering larger files that are heavy with visual effects and other elements. Even then, Corel VideoStudio is at the higher end of performance for the industry.

Sharing and Output

You have a great range of output options when rendering your final video file. VideoStudio can create videos at full 4K resolution, although that is also partially dependent on your hardware. However, it can handle more traditional formats including AVI, MPEG, 3GP, and WAV. You can also easily share files to a variety of social media and other websites, and even format it specifically for these mediums for platforms including Flickr, Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube.

Pricing Pricing

You can choose from two different options to get started with Corel VideoStudio. The Ultimate edition includes advanced features such as masking and layering effects, as well as 360-degree videos starting at €89.99. The Pro version is slightly more affordable, offering a leaner feature set for €69.99.

Bottom Line Conclusion

While it offers advanced features and capabilities, one of the best things about Corel VideoStudio is how accessible it is. With a great price point and an extensive set of tools, it’s a great blend of high level and user-friendly functionality.