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CyberLink PowerDirector Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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The CyberLink PowerDirector suite features tools for the whole post-production process, from sound editing to sharing on social media. CyberLink PowerDirector is among the best video editors for ambitious filmmakers with a limited budget.
  • Create videos in a variety of formats, including HD and 4K
  • Ideal for users of all skill levels with educational tools and tutorials
  • Create 360-degree videos
  • Easily share your videos to social media
  • Optimized for mobile video editing
  • Menus can be overwhelming
  • No version for Mac
  • Missing some advanced clipping tools
I’ve boosted my video channel’s visibility by hundreds of users thanks to their high quality! PowerDirector is great for improving your image and rating!
Sandra Trentino, author
Reliability Remarkably Easy to Use
Plans Intuitive Design Flow
Ease of Use Unique Design Tools
True-to-Life Color Enhancement
Multiple Devices Ultimate Video Editing
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  • 360-degree Video Editing
  • Action Camera Center
  • TrueVelocity 6
  • High Frame Rate Video Editor
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Setup Setup

Getting started with PowerDirector is a straightforward process. Once you purchase your version or subscription, you will be prompted to download the installation file. After opening the setup wizard, PowerDirector will automatically install, taking up nearly 1 gigabyte of space, so make sure you have room on your hard drive. Once set up, configuring your preferences takes very little time, and you will be able to modify your settings later. We were surprised by the relative ease of the initial setup process within the application itself. PowerDirector is designed to help users actively learn how to use it in an organic way, and the simple setup exemplifies this design element.

User Interface User Interface

One of the first things we noted is the cleanliness of the video editing interface. The main dashboard in the editor features a thumbnail chronological view, a preview of your project, and a timeline across the bottom of the window. We were thrilled to see the different views you can select and how easy it was to add features like transitions, effects, and audio without having to open extra menus or pages. One thing that does stand out is the sheer amount of options for different actions and tools which can be overwhelming for beginners, but ideal for more advanced users. PowerDirector also shines in allowing you to use multiple tracks—up to 100—, enabling you to create complex projects.

Basic Editing Features

PowerDirector distances itself from the competition thanks to its in-depth video editing features. The software allows you to stabilize video footage and camera shake, giving you smooth and clean shots. Both versions of the suite include a great range of visual effects and transitions that you can add to your project to make it unique. If you are looking for higher-quality video, PowerDirector also lets you edit footage with high frame rates between 120 and 240 frames per second to get excellent slow motion takes without sacrificing quality. In addition, the suite features great editing tools, like multi-camera designers, that give you fully synchronized shots from several different angles. Finally, we were impressed with PowerDirector’s 360-degree virtual reality video editor, which is an exceptional tool within the industry.

Audio Features

When you need audio editing, PowerDirector gives you a very useful if standard set of audio tools that can be significantly enhanced. Both versions of the suite include an Audio Room utility that provides a simple mixer, normalization tools, and a voice-over recording tool. You can add Cyberlink’s WaveEditor to increase the number of audio effects, as well as the company’s AudioDirector, which can be bundled with PowerDirector to create a comprehensive audiovisual editing tool.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

We were very happy to see that even though PowerDirector has a great range of highly advanced editing and filmmaking tools, it is not prohibitively hard to learn, and is quite welcoming to beginners. First-time users will find that the software is designed to organically guide them through the process of learning the basics of editing in the suite, and will let them learn at their pace. Outside of an easy installation, PowerDirector can be used quite easily by beginners without sacrificing the power and flexibility prized by advanced filmmakers.


When using PowerDirector, the power and versatility of the suite is always on display. The software, although intensive when using some features, will not slow down your computer considerably while handling heavily rendered shots and several different processes simultaneously. To guarantee you always get the best performance, PowerDirector’s “Intelligent SVRT” will automatically scan your computer and render your video files in the best quality to make editing and output easier.

Sharing and Output

PowerDirector truly shines in its output capability. Not only does the suite handle full HD video, but it can also handle 4K output, giving you remarkable video quality for your projects. Moreover, its ability to edit and create fully 360-degree virtual reality video sets it apart from even the best video editing software in the industry. When it comes to sharing, you can easily post your videos to social media or YouTube with a single click.

Pricing Pricing

You have several choices if you wish to purchase CyberLink PowerDirector. The company offers its Ultra version from $59.99, as well as an Ultimate version from $69.99. If you wish to bundle it with Audio Director and a full suite of premium content packs, you can purchase the Ultimate Suite for $159.00.

Bottom Line Conclusion

With some of the most advanced features on the market alongside a great variety of package options, CyberLink PowerDirector is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a complete movie editing software solution. The system’s editing features and powerful rendering capability, as well as its easy social media integration, make it an essential tool for filmmakers of all skill levels.