What Video Editing Software Should I Use for YouTube?

article by Sandra Trentino
July 07, 2019

YouTube has become a source of income, with some videos eligible to be monetized. The most successful YouTubers often invest in movie editing software, and even beginners need a way to create their content from raw footage. This is where video editing fits on the story board.

Why Use Video Editing Software?

Before uploading a polished version, videographers must collect clips and splice them together to create videos with proper flow.  Parts of the footage may also be enhanced with background music, animations, and titles. For those wondering how editors create YouTube videos that look and sound amazing, here are a few of the best video editing software packages currently available – and why they are necessary for great results.

Video Editing Software Loved by Beginners

#1 Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is one of the best video editors around. It comes with two modes built–in: standard and advanced. Standard mode is usually used by beginners who are relatively new to the software, featuring a pretty interface that makes it quite simple to alter footage. The advanced mode is used by professionals requiring features like 4K resolution support, pan and zoom, or others that give them the power to manipulate the video in a variety of ways.

#2 AVS Video Editor

This is one of the favorite video editors amongst beginners. All the tools are straightforward and very easy to use. AVS is packed with features and effects while offering support and rendering for all kinds of video formats – making it especially useful for avoiding compatibility issues. The one area for improvement is the drag and drop interface which may add to the time it takes AVS users to produce a final cut.

#3 Adobe Premiere Elements 11

This is a professional software package that beginners will find very thorough, with features such as the ability to speed up frame rate and show slow motion. Adobe is known for its streamlined interface, quick installation, and bundle of special effects that can spice up any video.  For YouTube in particular, there is platform support available along with many built-in tools.

Video Editing Software for Professional Use

#1 Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate has a great user interface and is simple to use once familiar with the basics of video editing. This movie editing software can upload videos directly to YouTube and a slew of other platforms as well, making it a great choice for sharing those momentary inspirations.

#2 Final Cut Pro

This is the best video editor for Mac users who need an edge when creating videos with polish and style. It has an intuitive design with features like 3D titles, color correction and much more. While more expensive, it is a must have if you are planning to take your content to the next level, or show it on the big screen.

Movie Matters

The decision of which video editor you should purchase depends greatly on the intent of the video; a tutorial video will have different needs than an action video. Be selective when choosing your software, and try out the variety of free options available to discover what tools you like, and which are not necessary.