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VoIP - Bring Your Communications to the 21st Century

For small businesses, VoIP offers the convenience of enterprise-level office phone systems at much more affordable rates. Even better, their tools and features are ideal to help entrepreneurs grow sustainably. Smaller companies can ensure their teams can stay in constant communication, provide excellent customer support, and guarantee callers always reach the right person.

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A business can thrive or fail based on the strength of its communication. Many businesses are familiar with the struggle to make themselves accessible to customers in foreign countries, or to simply get all their team members in the same place for a meeting. Voice over Internet Protocol, better known as VoIP, fills these communication gaps for businesses of all sizes. The technology has now grown into a viable telecommunications alternative that can substantially improve business productivity and reduce overhead costs.

VoIP: Transform How You Communicate

VoIP uses an internet connection to support voice communication between multiple parties. In other words, it’s an internet-based alternative to a traditional phone. VoIP allows employees to work remotely and still maintain constant communication, availability, and a high service level. It also frees up a team to communicate via their PCs, tablets, and smartphones, negating the need to pay for additional landlines.

VoIP is ideal for small businesses in virtually any industry. Software companies with team members in different countries can ensure smooth communication from one end of the globe to the next. Businesses that require fieldwork can guarantee that their staff members are always available to customers, whether in or out of the office. And the best VoIP providers offer much more than mere phone calls. Services can include, but are certainly not limited to, cloud-based PBX systems, virtual receptionists, a variety of call tools such as routing, queueing, and forwarding, and seamless integration with existing Customer Relationship Management software.

Keep Costs Down

The costs of a traditional business phone system can pile up in a hurry, and then spiral out of control as a business develops. Hardware and installation require hefty initial investments, and payments continue from month to month with the need for ongoing maintenance. On the other hand, VoIP systems, such as 8×8 or Grasshopper, likely require no more than a business’s existing computer network to get started. This reduction in hardware volume then keeps monthly maintenance costs down as well.

These reduced overhead costs can make a dramatic difference in profit margins for both rapidly growing companies or small “mom and pop” shops.

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