10 Features of VoIP Ideal for Small Business Success

10 Features of VoIP Ideal for Small Businesses
article by Foster I. author
Big businesses love VoIP. The ability to reduce costs and improve functionality at the same time is a blessing for companies with enormous communications costs, but are they the only ones that stand to benefit? The immediate answer is no.

Any business that needs to make phone calls will find VoIP a boon, and the array of useful functions that come with it will surprise employers too.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

Instead of navigating through a voicemail inbox, employees can use their email instead. Voicemails are recorded and saved as audio files in the relevant person’s inbox, which is more accessible and easily shared with others.

Call Routing

It is simple to transfer or route calls to other people using VoIP. Instead of typing in individual numbers, remembering extensions and other taxing memory tasks, the clean interfaces offered by VoIP services like Vonage allow routing simply by pressing a button in your contacts menu.

Music on Hold

Rather than subjecting clients that must be put on hold to bland music, VoIP allows employers to choose whatever they want to hear. Pick from a list of personal favorites, informational voice messages or even playlists – keeping customers happier and more patient.

Call Screening

Free with VoIP is the ability to ID whoever is currently calling, allowing employees to customize their greeting, ignore unimportant calls or redirect them depending on the circumstance.

Compatibility with Other Devices

Calls that use internet allow employees to engage in an array of useful functions from their phone. Someone important on the line while another customer is waiting at the door? Buzz them in without the need to get up. There are many examples like this, only limited to the imagination.

Detailed Call Reports

More useful for the employer than the employee, it is possible to download a report on phone usage for each device connected to VoIP. This allows for in-depth review of time usage and productivity, bandwidth utilization and other important details like call destination, time on the line, conversation duration and much more. For employers looking at business-centric VoIP services, Ring Central comes highly recommended.

Auto Call Forwarding

It is easy to program how a phone behaves in any circumstance. For example, after ringing a set number of times, the call can be automatically forwarded to another destination like a personal cell phone. It’s also possible to identify certain callers and send them straight to voicemail and more.

Do Not Disturb

In a meeting or otherwise busy with something of importance? Simply set any phone to ‘DND’ (do not disturb) to block all incoming calls, allowing maximum focus and productivity.

 Call Mentoring

Often it is necessary for sales or customer service representatives to be monitored by a senior person, who listens in on a conversation and coaches the employee on how to respond. With VoIP, managers can listen in remotely, and can even speak to the employee at the same time without the customer hearing a thing. If necessary, the manager can even take over the call and speak directly to the customer.

Conference Calls

The lack of restrictions on internet-based communications makes it effortless to add as many people as is necessary to any call. Employees on the road can quickly dial in several others to consult on business matters at no extra cost and no loss of quality.

With so many great benefits, all it takes is cursory research to find the best VoIP option for your business.