3 Reasons Why VoIP Is a Necessity for Your Small Business

article by Lei X. author
Small businesses tend to have similar concerns: how do I retain control over my business as it grows? How do I support my employees to grow on their own? Which technologies should I implement, and how do I manage this before the need becomes dire, or we become reliant on outdated systems?

Remarkably enough, the answer to the last question encompasses the first two when applied correctly. There are many new technologies emerging daily, many of which are perfect for small businesses. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is not a new technology, but can solve many problems facing small business – mostly through an impressive array of useful features.

It Scales Easily and Inexpensively

Whereas an older phone system runs on a mess of cables twisting throughout the office, a VoIP system just needs a single internet connection. Adding a new user to a system like this is as easy as plugging in another phone and creating a username, and it costs virtually nothing. This is because a new user represents a small increase in bandwidth, nothing more. Services like Vonage are built to scale, making it easy to add anywhere from a single employee to an entire division to your plan with the click of a button.

This feature is probably the most applicable to small business, as the main goal concerns how to handle growth. Much of the apprehensions with hiring people disappear when a new employee can simply sit down and begin working, without an employer investing large amounts of time and money into getting a new individual situated.

No More Support

Small businesses have less manpower than big corporations, and when problems arise, it’s usually a much larger drain on productivity. In the case of an issue arising with any office’s systems, one employee tied up in customer support reduces efficiency in a small business significantly more than it would for a big one.

VoIP reduces the need for an IT department, and keeps employees busy with work rather than tinkering. How? Modern VoIP companies have a plethora of ways to immediately address the needs of any client, no matter their size. Concerns about customization, setup and more can be addressed remotely via a web interface or 24/7 customer support.  Due to the fact that everything is done via a single internet connection, there is never a need for a technician to visit the office (or to keep one on staff). Thanks to these advances, more effort can be expended on growth rather than tying loose ends.

Ensure Employee Productivity

While VoIP makes the life of employees easier, it also provides huge benefits to employers as well. Providers like Ring Central are ideal for small businesses that live and die based on their sales figures. Features like call monitoring, call recording and the ability to generate detailed usage reports allow managers to understand how employees are using their time and identify areas for improvement.

Small businesses are generally more sensitive to obstacles in the road than larger companies.  Nonetheless, making smart technology decisions allows managers to smooth the path to growth like never before. As always, consider carefully before making a choice, and seek to identify the needs of your business before committing to a single provider.