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8×8 Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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Though it is a newer entry in the contest for ‘Best VoIP Service’, the feature-rich cloud system that 8x8 offers makes it a likely contender for the title.
  • Range of pricing options
  • Consolidated communication platform for smaller companies
  • Unlimited calls
  • Compatible with PC and mobile
  • Excellent call audio quality
  • No API for custom apps
  • Many extra features cost more
  • Window-sharing issues during conference calls
Businesses still in their initial growth phases will benefit greatly from 8x8’s flexibility, easily-managed dashboard and the professional face they show to customers.
Sandra Trentino, author
Integrations Many Integrations Avaliable
Multiple Devices Mobilty
Setup and Interface Easy Online Managment
Is it Useful for Small and Large Businesses Turn-key Business Features
Available Numbers Various Phone Numbers
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$ 24.99 /mo
  • 250 minutes of outbound calling
  • Unlimited inbound calling
  • Mobile apps: Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Online call management
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$ 34.99 /mo
  • Unlimited Calling to the US, Canada and other 10 countries
  • SMS to the US
  • Mobile Apps: Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Online call management
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$ 79.99 /mo
  • Unlimited calling to the US, Canada and other 10 countries
  • All UNLIMITED features
  • Web conferencing
  • Internet faxing
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Subscribers will enjoy impressive connectivity between themselves and their customers alongside the ability to easily uncover areas for improvement in communication, keeping growth on a steady trend upwards for small and medium-sized businesses.

Setup Setup

The setup process for installing 8×8 and getting employees situated is pleasantly simple, and robust in its options. Once a manager or owner chooses the preferred plan, he or she will log into the 8×8 Virtual Office website and input some administrative details which control company-wide settings. Employees can go into the system on their own to customize their call rules, or how they want call forwarding to operate in certain circumstances. For companies who do not already have IP-enabled phones, mobile phones will also work, and hardware can be purchased from 8×8 as well.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Installed 8×8 systems work seamlessly with the traditional office structure, operating much like a standard PBX phone that employees are used to. If there is internet or data, it is possible to connect to the 8×8 features with mobile devices and even on tablets and PCs, because 8×8 offers customers an easily-downloaded application. Management of the system is an online function, with a clean web dashboard allowing administrators to quickly tweak their preferences.

Call Management Call Management

8×8 users have a solid range of call management features at their fingertips, including all the standard ones that a modern business cannot be without. Call transferring, call waiting, on-hold music, and more help the right employees and customers find each other fast, and employees themselves can set their personal call forwarding patterns. An auto attendant is available as well, to route calls and manage the extension network.

Available Numbers Available Numbers

Those who value continuity will appreciate that 8×8 allows them to port their existing phone number to the new system, but there are also enough choices for those customers who require a new number. 8×8 gives each plan a free local or toll-free line and assigns its extensions special numbers as well. For customers who are not shy about spending on extra functionality, 8×8 will create local numbers that save international customers from being charged for long-distance fees.

features Features

A host of nice features make interfacing with customers and within the company fast and convenient, including the option to video chat and make web calls. Depending on the plan, 8×8 can also provide unlimited local calling and paperless faxing. Additionally, offices that have a CRM they rely upon can use 8×8 and trust that it will integrate without issues.

Benefits to Your Business Benefits to your Business

Thousands can be saved by 8×8 customers who avoid the high hardware costs and maintenance that come with a traditional phone system. Once installed, 8×8 begins to show its value immediately, allowing managers to influence their employees’ communications with clients and present a professional front, while employees enjoy a convenient and powerful toolset. For outfits that are newly established, or those with infrastructure already in place, an 8×8 system fits in easily.

Plans Plans

There are three plans offered by 8×8 for a range of budgets and needs:

The $39.99 per month Unlimited Extensions plan is aptly named, offering unlimited calls in the United States and Canada and unlimited landline calls to Europe, alongside the full range of 8×8 communication features.

The Metered Extension plan is $24.99 per month and gives 250 free minutes of outbound calls to the United States and Canada plus some of the best 8×8 features.

Global Extensions allows unlimited calls to the United States, Canada and 40 other countries, but costs $79.99 per month.

Moreover, each plan can be upgraded to a Pro plan for an additional $20.00 to $25.00 per month, which grants access to deeper PBX features.


8×8 offers customers who have a question the option of making contact through the phone or by live chat. There is also a wealth of pertinent information available on the website’s FAQ and knowledge base section. The representatives we spoke with both through live chat and the phone were friendly and well-informed, helping us out immediately.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Smaller businesses or those that are still growing towards stages will appreciate 8×8 for its expansive features list and reasonable price. 8×8’s phone services will represent any business professionally and put sales and customer service on the fast track to success.  Though it could improve in some areas, the company is a great choice for those businesses searching for a friendly VoIP provider.