You Can’t Run Your Business Effectively Without Mobile VoIP

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019

VoIP is the saving grace of many an office, providing cost savings and ease-of-use benefits simultaneously, yet the service is not often discussed in business circles due to the relative industry saturation that it enjoys; it has become universal.

In this way, VoIP is easy to overlook for companies stuck in their old ways and those looking to innovate.

Companies with VoIP enjoy huge cost savings in comparison with the ancient phone line network, flexibility in use, multi-functionality and most importantly portability: because if VoIP is the best team in the telecommunications industry, then mobile VoIP is the star player. For many reasons, it is extremely beneficial to use a service that enables mobile VoIP especially.

Cost Savings

VoIP in the office already saves an enormous sum of money for businesses, because instead of paying for both internet and phone lines, everything can be accomplished easily with just the former. Mobile VoIP takes this to another level.

Employees on-the-go can run the service their company uses with the data that streams through their smartphones, often at no extra cost. Avoiding these extra mobile charges, which otherwise would have been expensed to the company, saves a significant amount of money over time, and expands productivity as well.

Additionally, companies that span the globe and handle a large volume of calls between people at different locations will get all of those calls for free, no matter where the employees are calling from.

Increased Functionality

The use of internet as a basis for calls rather than phone lines brings with it several advantages. By connecting the mobile devices of employees to VoIP, they are now able to benefit from all the features that any phone in the office enjoys. Vonage, and others, share features like:

  • The use of their own business extension on-the-go
  • Voice mailboxes
  • Call functions like caller ID and recording
  • Conference calling
  • Landline transferability and toll-free numbers so clients can call at no cost

There are also several functions that employers will enjoy, the biggest of which is the ability to add new users to the network at no cost through services like Ring Central, which is built to scale. Employers can also acquire thorough usage reports on the phone habits of each employee (excellent for maximizing sales efficiency) and access call recordings, which is necessary to enforce proper customer service standards.

Complete Coverage and Compatibility

It is common for employers to make big purchases of new equipment and infrastructure when spearheading an implementation effort that affects their whole business.  However, unlike adding new functions that require significant manpower and time, VoIP often does not require investments of this caliber. The personal devices of each employee, smartphones, laptops, tablets and more are all compatible with any VoIP system due to the one thing in common between them: the ability to access internet through data.

Employees can seamlessly integrate their devices with their employer’s new system, without either party footing the bill – a boon for both. Plus, the time it takes to familiarize oneself with the new system is reduced, because the employee is already using a device they know and love.

There are many more reasons to try VoIP out for your own business, whether you have three employees or three hundred, but the strongest reasons are also the simplest: time and money. Conduct thorough research before choosing a provider, and the benefits will apply themselves.