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Grasshopper Review

article by Foster Ingham author March 23, 2017
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Big power in a tiny package accurately describes Grasshopper, a quality VoIP service aimed at benefitting smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. Easy integration, low costs and a strong array of cloud-based features bring high value to growing organizations or even individual users.
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Use your own hardware
  • Instant setup
  • One number, unlimited extensions
  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Few features
  • No conference calls
  • No CRM or ERP integration
Entrepreneurs will love Grasshopper for the formal and businesslike functionality that it brings to customer interactions.
Foster Ingham, author
Integrations Multiple Extensions
Server Locations No Expensive Hardware
Available Numbers Local Numbers
User Interface Custom Main Greeting
Multiple Logins Conference Calling
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$ 12 /mo
  • Free Activation
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 6¢ / Minute
  • 1 Toll Free/Local Number
  • Unlimited Call Handling
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$ 49 /mo
  • Free Activation
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Domestic Calls
  • 2 Toll Free/Local Numbers
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$ 24 /mo
  • Free Activation
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 500 Minutes per Month
  • 1 Toll Free/Local Number
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Setup Setup

Setting up a Grasshopper VoIP line for a single person or a team is very easy, as there is no hardware required. Once the customer chooses his or her business’s toll-free or local number, the online dashboard will help set up additional extensions, personal greetings and the company directory. Employees can choose to use either a landline or their mobile device as their personal extension of the business line, and fantastic iOS and Android applications mean that using any smartphone with Grasshopper is a breeze.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Grasshopper relies on the cloud to host its well-designed interface, and because each employee uses their own phone, they each have complete control over its unique settings. Employees can connect to the business line on their mobile device with the Grasshopper application or use a device on site, allowing them to make and receive business calls on the go.

Call Management Call Management

Call management is an area of Grasshopper that we found lacking in features. While some of the competition use complicated call rules to maximize caller uptime on their network, Grasshopper just has the standard call forwarding, screening and music functions. However, given that the target audience is not enterprise clientele, it is not surprising that some of the most robust features enjoyed by larger teams are missing.

Available Numbers Available Numbers

Businesses that want continuity will appreciate that Grasshopper systems can use an old phone number, though customers that choose this option must pay a fee. Alternatively, a wealth of other local US area codes, vanity numbers and 800 numbers are available to Grasshopper customers. Businesses can select whatever numbers are most appropriate for their main line and extensions.

features Features

It is true that Grasshopper does not offer customers as many different features as some of its peers, but it covers the most necessary ones, especially for small businesses. Moreover, each plan provided by Grasshopper has full access to these tools, including unlimited call extensions, personalized name directory, call forwarding and screening, music on hold, and in-call menus. Customers who need conference calling can access this feature, but must pay extra to receive this service from Citrix rather than Grasshopper.

Benefits to Your Business Benefits for Your Business

The primary benefit of Grasshopper for its customers is cost savings, and not only because going with VoIP consolidates communications expenses into just Ethernet. Grasshopper’s plans are flat monthly rates that do not charge extra per user but have unlimited extensions instead, and the exemption from purchasing new hardware is a lifesaver for small firms on a budget. Helping to broaden the appeal is that the entire system is run from the fluid online dashboard, offering great flexibility in usage for managers who want an uncomplicated system.

Plans Plans

All four Grasshopper plans include one local or toll-free business number, unlimited extensions and the rest of Grasshopper’s features list. Here is where they differ:

The Pay as You Grow plan starts at $12.00 per month and an additional $0.06 per minute.

The Ramp plan costs double, at $24.00 but offers 500 free minutes every month.

The Grow plan has a price tag of $49.00 per month and comes with 2,000 minutes free, alongside an extra toll-free or local number for the business.

Finally, the Max plan costs $199.99 and grants 10,000 free minutes per month. Customers with this plan get 2 extra local or toll-free numbers and enjoy the Grasshopper Voice Studio, which lets them create custom greetings using the voice of a professional.


Grasshopper’s toll-free line is always available for customers who have an inquiry, or alternatively they can get in touch via email or the support claims system 24/7. The representatives responding to customer questions are always prompt and friendly.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

The features and plans that Grasshopper provides are most suitable for small businesses who are trying to run lean yet present a professional identity to their customers. A healthy variety of features and a simple, flexible interface make Grasshopper VoIP systems a worthy choice for any growing business looking to gain an edge.