What Not to Do When Recording Your Custom Greeting

article by Lei X. author
In today’s easy-access world, businesses are constantly finding themselves under the microscope.

With more ways for customers to connect than ever before—be it social media, customer support, a website, or even a simple phone number—companies need to be more careful in an effort to present the best possible image of themselves. With great technology such as VoIP systems that include everything from a virtual receptionist to cloud-PBX systems that help ease the customer service process, businesses are readily able to improve their interactions.

However, it all starts with a simple phone call and with a greeting from businesses to potential clients or partners. Most companies tend to forget two important axioms of life—it is the little things that count, and there is no second chance to make a first impression. A custom greeting from the best VoIP system is great, but it can also be terrible if the company does not put thought into how they present themselves to the world. To help, here are the major “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of recording a custom greeting for a business VoIP system:

DO Be Approachable

One of the most important things to do is be approachable and friendly. Businesses need customers, and customers do not like to feel as if they are speaking to a machine. Injecting a little humor is a good way to add a human touch to a custom greeting.

DON’T Be Crass

While humor and approachability are great traits, business is still business, and companies can ill afford to offend their potential customers or partners, or even risk getting a bad reputation that can follow them for a long time.

DO Give Pertinent Information

A custom greeting is a great place to provide customers with places where they can find the information they require more quickly or easily. Listing a website or a specific number to reach is a good idea for greetings, and for helping alleviate most businesses’ workload

DON’T Drone On

Greetings are just that, quick introductions to a company. While it is important to give the right information and the right amount, most listeners will not wait for a message that stretches more than 30 seconds. It is crucial to remain on point and on message.

DO Speak Clearly

Telephones and mobile devices have a masking effect on human voices. Even with the best technology and phones, mumbling or speaking too quickly or slowly can garble a message and make a greeting hard to understand, turning off potential customers.

DON’T Waste Time With Music

Customers calling a company are not looking for an extended greeting or concert, they are looking for answers, support, or comments. Adding music and wasting time is a surefire way to ensure customers hang up and become angry with a business.

DO Give Alternatives

One of the best things about a virtual receptionist is that it will answer calls even when an office is empty. As such, customers will always get through to a company. It is vital to ensure that customers have some way to get the information they need or get in touch with whom they are trying to reach. Providing alternate numbers, business hours, or other sources of information is a good idea.

DON’T Be Rude

Customers are always right, even when they are angry or upset. A company’s greeting should always be polite and friendly. This will help melt some of the ice and ensure that customers are in a better mood when they reach an employee or team member.

It might sound difficult, but striking the right tone with a custom greeting is not impossible. If unsure about where to find telecommunications services that include a custom greeting, businesses simply have to do a cursory read-through of VoIP reviews to find the best fit and features that match their needs. With a little attention to detail and a clear understanding of best practices, any company can have an outstanding personalized greeting for their business.