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Ooma Review

article by Foster Ingham author March 23, 2017
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For small companies looking for tools that help them increase growth without breaking the bank, Ooma is an excellent choice.
  • Fast setup in 20 minutes or less
  • Ability to use a new or old number
  • Support for all mobile devices
  • Quality virtual receptionist
  • Use VoIP with regular telephones
  • Maximum of 10 conference callers
  • Initial hardware costs
Small drawbacks such as a maximum number of users and a limit on members in a conference call do not stop Ooma from being a powerful tool for small businesses
Foster Ingham, author
Reliability Unlimited Calling in U.S. and Canada
Setup Easy Setup
Money Back Guarantee Risk-free 30-day Return
Globe Low International Rates
Dedicated IP IP Phones
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$ 19.95 /mo
  • All-inclusive price
  • Risk-free 30-day return
  • 24/7 customer support
  • One-time charge of $199.99
  • Supports up to 20 users
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The useful communication tools and services provided by Ooma bring value to customers and companies alike, and will quickly aid in organizing one of the most important functions of any business.

Setup Setup

The setup of an Ooma system depends on the package selected, but all Ooma plans are very easy to get running. Customers must first log in to the website, input their activation details, and complete installation before starting to use Ooma. For plans that require hardware, before going to the website be sure to plug in the hardware to a power source and the correct Ethernet line – it is that easy. It is nice to be able to connect a phone directly to the router, or to use the Linx connectors that go in the Ooma base for wireless service, though only 5 users at a time can enjoy this feature.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

The Ooma system is designed to mimic a normal phone, with a user simply responsible for connecting their device and inputting a valid phone number for a call to take place over the internet. To change and manage settings, administrators can access their personal dashboard via the Ooma website. This browser-based system is not intimidating and is quite easy to use, allowing one to change settings, add extensions, configure conference servers and more.

Call Management Call Management

A healthy number of call options are available to Ooma users, such as the ability to customize caller IDs, draw up call logs, create ring and conference groups, and choose how the virtual receptionist operates. Additionally, call transfers, call waiting and a “Do Not Disturb” setting helps provide other solutions instead of placing valuable customers on hold.

Available Numbers Available Numbers

One handy feature of Ooma is that any user can choose to port their old phone number into the new system, which may be helpful for customers who value continuity. New numbers can also be chosen, with a wide variety of options including many US area codes for the creation of a local presence, toll-free lines ideal for incoming client calls, or whatever digit combination best represents the company.

features Features

Initially, Ooma may look like a feature-light system, but a depth of options and tools reveal themselves after a bit of use. One notable feature is the ability to use a traditional landline with the Ooma VoIP service, which is somewhat unique in the industry. Also, the virtual assistant, call extension numbers and the option to change the flow of calls based on opening and closing hours help to ensure customers reach the right person every time. While Ooma could certainly improve by adding some of the features that the competition offers, the company is making efforts to working on new features. Some of their new features include Call Park, Call Flip, 7 Digit Dial, and a Multi Level Virtual receptionist. Not to mention, its low price and intention for smaller businesses make it a worthwhile option.

Benefits to Your Business Benefits for Your Business

Small businesses, though they may balk at the initial hardware installation costs, will end up saving significantly with Ooma. Mobile-only plans avoid hardware costs in their entirety. Employees can use their own devices, exempting the employer from purchasing new phone hardware at all. Moreover, payment for traditional PBX or landline infrastructure is unnecessary due to the fact that Ooma shares a connection with the company’s Ethernet line.

For a professional, corporate feel, Ooma aids small businesses by providing a virtual receptionist, on-hold music and other familiar conveniences, impressing customers and potentially helping to win new business.

Plans Plans

There are two plans offered by Ooma, starting with Ooma Office at $19.95 per month per user. It is important to note that this plan requires a one-time hardware purchase and installation that costs $199.99. Alternatively, companies can go for the Ooma Office for Mobile plan, which is the same monthly price but comes with no additional hardware costs.


For those with inquiries or issues, the Ooma customer support phone line will bring a resolution quickly. We also liked that Ooma makes live chat available to their customers at all hours of the day, every day of the week. Email support is a great option as well, returning an answer directly to a customer’s inbox usually within a single business day. In terms of personal support, we found Ooma’s representatives to be friendly and fast.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Though it is missing some of the fancier features that come with pricier VoIP providers, Ooma brings a lot of value for its price, and is best suited for small businesses. By combining some of the greatest features of a VoIP system and putting them in an easy-to-use, low overhead package, Ooma presents a worthwhile proposition for businesses looking to boost growth and cut costs.